“If you do not make others happy, you can never be happy yourself.”

“In the future, people must become world citizens. . . . We wish to bring harmony to all humankind and to make the whole world into one family. Since we believe in this kind of pacifism, we recognize all religions as our colleagues and link hands with them in mutual amity as we continue onward.”

“If we want to establish eternal peace on this earth of ours, we must first eliminate the feeling of discomfort from each individual and replace it with a feeling of ease and comfort. Everybody who has this feeling of comfort will loathe war and love peace. This is an indisputable fact.”

“Everything that exists in the material world has the origin of its existence and activity in the spiritual world. . . . One must first try to deal with problems in the spiritual world in order to bring about a real solution to the troubles in the material world.”

“God gives each individual a unique mission in this world. He gives them special characteristics and special talents, He gives them physical existence and takes it away again, and He makes us all move ever forward towards the ideal object of eternity. Good and evil, war and peace, destruction and creation—all of these are processes necessary for this ongoing evolution.”

“An environment where you can enjoy things with cheerful laughter, and where you can make others laugh in the same way, will naturally lead to a heavenly state. In this way, laughter contributes to the resolution of disputes and to the creation of a peace–loving atmosphere. And to establish peace on earth, it is necessary to eradicate conflicts.”

“The more joy you find in what you do, the better the result will be.”

“It was through realizing the existence of spirit that I came to discover the wonderful method we call Jyorei. The fundamental truth that if the spiritual body is purified, the ills of the physical body will be cured, must surely suggest many possibilities of great importance for the future of civilization.”

“I believe that the only way to achieve real results is to purify the souls of people, and this cannot be done except through wholehearted spiritual practice.”

“The only good way of improving your fortune is to lessen your spiritual clouding. In other words, if clouding is reduced, then there will be less need for purification and what would have been bad fortune will be transformed into good fortune. The truth of the matter is that luck comes not to one who waits, but to one who is purified.”

“The advent of Jyorei in the material world is, of course, a harbinger of the ideal world to come, for Jyorei is at the very heart of the Age of Day.”