Perhaps the heart of every Shumei Center is its Scroll of Light. Usually mounted at the focal point of each Center’s assembly hall, often sheltered behind a screen, and only seen during ceremonies, they are objects of deep veneration for Shumei members. Offering tables are normally found beneath them, and daily offerings of gratitude to God are presented before them. They are the center of people’s concentration when chanting and floral arrangements and candles are usually present wherever a Scroll is mounted. The Scroll of Light embodies and symbolizes Divine Light.
Chinese characters are printed on each Scroll’s surfaces. These characters were originally painted by Shumei’s founder, Mokichi Okada. The number of characters one individual Scrolls as well as their size may vary, but all display the character representing “Light.”

Scrolls are also found in the homes of some of Shumei’s members. Having a Scroll placed in ones house is both an honor and a mark of the household’s dedication to Shumei’s ideals. Their enshrinement also entails a good deal of responsibility on the part of the recipient.