“Let us recognize the most profound plans of God that lie at the heart of the progress of civilization, and ask all religions to join together to work with us hand in hand for the creation of an ideal world.”


Shumei, a spiritual organization, fosters health, happiness, and harmony by applying the wisdom and insights of the spiritual leader, Mokichi Okada, whom its members refer to as “Meishusama.”

Mokichi Okada taught that a world free of sickness, poverty, and discord is within everyone’s reach through the spiritual healing of Jyorei, the practice of Natural Agriculture, and the appreciation of Art and Beauty.

Shumei’s inclusive approach to spirituality works with any religion that seeks universal well being. Shumei’s members and friends come from diverse backgrounds, and many maintain and deepen their various religious beliefs and practices after becoming affiliated with us. Further, we engage in open dialogue with people of all spiritual paths to promote compassion and peace.

All are welcome.

Shumei Philosophy: 8 min.