In 2016, Shumei member Carroll Hill generously produced and gifted Shumei America with a full strategic plan for the purpose of helping improve and strengthen Shumei America as a nonprofit spiritual organization. As a seasoned nonprofit professional, Carroll observed aspects of Shumei America's organizational structure and programs that indicated a great need for foundational improvement. The strategic plan she created resulted from hours of research, interviews, surveys, and discussions and provided multitudes of strategies for addressing key issues that were identified through her investigation.

In 2018, Shumei America's leadership revisited the original strategic plan and set up a Project Team to look into feasibly implementing the plan. Akemi Imai and Anthony Schettini were the inaugural team members. They examined the original plan created by Carroll and reworked its components into a more simplified "framework" that identifies priorities to work on in the next five years. The priorities are categorized into four main goals (see next section below).

The Project Team for this strategic framework strives to involve Shumei members and friends of all backgrounds and experiences to contribute their unique talents and insights for making Shumei America's strategic planning efforts a success. There are a variety of roles open to all who are interested. Please refer to the Volunteer page for more information.