Monthly Sampai at the Hollywood Center

We held Monthly Sampai at the Hollywood Center on Sunday, September 17th.
Sensei Eugene Imai gave a talk titled “No Self-Will, No Attachments”. Following this, Keiko Imai shared her experience traveling to Zambia with Sensei Alan Imai and visiting the Natural Agriculture farmers there. Then the four Seagulls (young adult from Japan) performed a skit about their experiences sharing Jyorei here in America.
After the ceremony, we had a healthy and delicious hot lunch of Chirashi Sushi (sushi rice with a variety of ingredients sprinkled on top), vegetable spring rolls, and fried Jasmine rice prepared by Yoshiko Loyd and friends. The food was made with mostly organic and Natural Agriculture ingredients.
During the hot lunch, we had a wedding reception party for Hunter Loyd & Ayano Loyd. Sensei Koji Nakamura played Taiko (Japanese Traditional Drum) for them.
It was a wonderful monthly gathering 🙂
See you next time, October Monthly Sampai, Sunday, October 15th.