How to Give to Shumei America

Shumei America is a nonprofit organization relying on gifts from members and friends to fulfill our mission.  Here is our Federal Identification Number:  95-3287320.

We are the parent organization for all of Shumei’s activities in the Americas, from the United States and Canada to the tip of South America. If you would like to support our work, you can give in three ways:

Mail a check to Shumei America, 2430 E Colorado Blvd, Pasadena, CA 91107.  You may indicate on the check how to direct your gift.  Here are some designations to consider:  General Operations, Natural Agriculture, Misono Support (Headquarters in Japan), Miho Museum Support, The Zambia Project, other.

Matching Gifts

Many companies match gifts made by employees to nonprofit organizations, doubling your contribution.  After you make your gift to Shumei America, please contact you company’s Human Resources Department to complete the paperwork.

What to Give for

We present three choices — (1) give to Shumei America (first button), (2) give for special projects (Campaigns), or (3) give for activities at the world’s headquarters in Japan or for use outside of the Americas.

Give Online

Shumei’s inclusive approach to spirituality works with any religion that seeks universal well being. Shumei’s members and friends come from diverse backgrounds, many maintain and deepen their various religious beliefs and practices after becoming affiliated with us. Further, we engage in open dialogue with people of all spiritual paths to promote compassion and peace. All are welcome.

Shumei encourages a global change in which the world will become a better and more satisfying place for all humanity. This great change requires that all of us change and evolve in body, mind, and spirit. Shumei’s practices and observances are used to support this deeply personal and widely global transformation.  Every year in the spring and summer, we raise funds to support the National Center of Shumei America in the Pasadena California to promote further community growth.  Please choose the campaign that interests you and donate today.


Shumei has activities and projects across the world, including in the country in which the organization was founded, Japan. Please support our projects worldwide.

Thank you for giving to Shumei America.