Seeds of the Future

Running Time: 23 min.
Seven years ago, I was living what we would call a “successful” life. I had an apartment on the ocean, luxury car, traveling in style. Still today I am a well-known manager at Microsoft with a title, six-figure salary, work from home and responsible for a team who generates $3B a year.
I had everything I was told we should desire, a good job a lot of money but I found myself depressed and lonely. What I thought I needed to be happy actually made me feel more alone and disconnected. My life was missing purpose, passion and meaning. I knew in my heart this was not the life for me. After being offered another promotion at Microsoft, I turned it down and took an easier less paid job for a year to study alternative medicine. I uprooted my life and knew I wanted to study holistic health. The day after I made the decision I sat next to a random girl who happened to be going to one of the only schools with an Alternative medical program. Short after starting the program I found Shumei and knew from the moment of watching the introduction video that this was the direction I needed to go to complement my journey. As surely as I knew my career at Microsoft wasn’t my end destination, I knew Shumei was the answer to help me get there.
For the next years, I searched for clarity of my purpose and knew I was here to help people I just didn’t know what. While working full time, I attended the university at night studying natural approaches to health, weekends I studied Neurolinguistics or the science of the mind and learned how to manage my personal energy. With all these new tools and practices I started to gain clarity on what I was supposed to do. What also became clear to me was my career at Microsoft wasn’t a waste as I thought but part of my learning that I needed for my future.
It was my best teacher preparing me for what was to come. As I looked back I saw how perfectly all my experiences had a purpose. Selling computers in best buy taught me what people look for in technology, waitressing in a restaurant taught me how to manage time and people. When I started to see how perfectly every job and person played a part , I accepted where I was and I saw a positive shift in my life. Work now seemed so easy and fun. I tell people I love my job, Microsoft is paying me to learn.
When I changed my attitude knowing that my purpose was on its way – but I still needed to be a student, everything around me improved. My focus used to be on money and success but now it is on learning and growing. And the funny thing is that when I stopped focusing on getting more money and instead how I can use this experience toward my purpose, I got more money and even better results. It became very clear to me that my purpose is aligned with my passions, talents and how I can use that to help other people.
With my studies in natural approaches to health a whole new world and passion opened up for me. I saw so many people affected by illness and felt a strong desire to help.
I know now more surely than ever my purpose was to bring these two passions, health and technology together to help others here on earth creating a brighter future. So today after the time I took to discover myself I can proudly say I am working on building my own software business that will help doctors better diagnose and treat patients using natural approaches called Holistic Health Diagnostics.
I want to share you what I have learned along this journey and how I have managed to get through some tough obstacles and how today I am living my dream doing something I love that will in the end up changing the way we look at our health and in turn changing our world for the better.
I know now, we cannot make our dreams come true alone. We need each other. We need teachers and guidance and mostly we need to know in core who we are and what we are meant to do.
This is what I am here today to share with you and hope to be for you, a guide. I want you to see for yourself what you already have inside and how you have the ability to do anything you want and make it a reality . All you have to do is let go of what is stopping you and allow for nature to take its course.
What really is nature? Nature starts with a seed.
Seeds have all the knowledge and everything it needs to grow. A seed only needs to be nourished, it needs light and grounding.
As far as we can tell nothing in nature questions its path. An apple seed does not become a pumpkin and a pumpkin seed does not become an orange. A tiny acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future, simply progresses in harmony from an energy field of intention. We too are intended from the energy of this field which is the same energy of God.
This Source energy, intention, is pure unbounded energy vibrating so fast it defies measurement.
It arranges the forces in the universe to support our desires. We are seeds of this divine energy and possess the power to have a life filled with love, joy, friends, material possession and whatever we want.
Even today, scientists agree everything in the universe is not what they used think is dark matter but actually made of this invisible energy field.
This energy is here, now and available to you. When you activate it, you’ll begin to feel purpose in your life and you’ll be guided by it.
A piece of this pure energy was given to you when you were born and it is your choice on what you do with it. You can cloud it or you can nourish it and allow it to grow.
Today I am going to show you how you can use this source energy to fulfill your purpose.
You will learn to see, feel and use your energy to remove things that may have stopped you in the past and use it to attract what you need to make your purpose and dreams come true.
This is what I love about Shumei and what Shumei has done for me. It is in alignment with this deeper understanding of how we work. After beginning Shumei I started to get more clarity of this energy inside me and how I can use it to help others and my own benefit. All that I tell you today will have even stronger significance for you because you have already been exposed in your experience with Shumei.
You may be asking…. .so if I already have this experience why haven’t I been able to see it in my everyday life?
Well first lets go into what has been stopping you.
Why don’t we feel this burning purpose, desire and connection from the day we are born until today?
We have been conditions by society allowing the ego to dominate.
Our ego was given to us as part of our human species to help us run from danger. If a tiger chases us it triggers and we run. This is the part of the brain located where these our automatic responses happen. Over time what we have actually done with it is evolved those responses to be conditioned responses creating our individual ego or a type entity that lives in us that is part of us but separate from this source energy.
I think of it as the little green alien guy in Flintstones who was on the shoulder of Fred telling him what to do or think.
Ego is what we made up about who and what we are. This is what your Ego looks like
I need possessions to feel important.
It is very important what others think of me.
I need to prove to people I am good enough.
I am separate from everyone.
By allowing your ego to dominate your life, you have deactivated your power of intention and disconnected from this source of energy.
I did this in my early life allowing my ego to dominate telling me I need money to be secure, I need a good career to get money. My ego however did have its purpose. It gave me the drive and determination to get through school BUT the hard way. When I was 18, it was my first day of the university. I didn’t have a car or my parents support living on my own. Knowing I only had me, I was determined that my only way to be secure was to study hard and get a good job. I arrived to the university on a paid scholarship with two garbage bags in a taxi ready to move into campus. I saw other parents with their children and I was all alone. Unable to carry my own things a couple of parents helped me carry two black garbage bags of clothes from the taxi. Right there I felt like crying feeling so alone and touched by kindness at the same time. What I didn’t know was my ego was dominating my life pushing me to get money and security that I later realized didn’t make me happy. But at the same time I am thankful to my ego as it was part of my learning process.
What I learned the hard way- is that you actually have a choice – to instead – give up this ego ONLY by simply by recognizing when it appears. When you notice a thought that arises that is part of your ego like judgement, negativity, complaints, and you can just let it go. Don’t make yourself wrong or bad for thinking from your ego, just know that it is not who you truly are but this little green alien that lives in you.
For years I judged myself for my mistakes and misdirection blaming my parents for their lack of support or the system or anything I thought made life harder. All the blame and judgement didn’t bring any benefit and now I realize when I see this little green alien thinking in my head I just push the mute button like on a remote and stop listening to it.
Your egos are probably lighting up right now and haven’t noticed it yet…whether its judging what I am telling you, trying to prove something about yourself or blaming someone. Just take a moment now and try to notice your ego in action in your mind. What did your ego tell you when you looked into the mirror this morning? Mine told me don’t worry you look better with some make up.
It could look like I am not good enough, I need something or someone to be happy, I need to have a great job to be successful, I need other people to like me.
When you start to catch your ego in action and notice these inauthentic thoughts that run through your head all day – and when you do it will automatically stop happening as frequently – just by noticing when it happens.
I am going to share with you something that took some time for me to realize and that still have to practice every day, the key to not allowing your ego to dominate your thoughts- presence!
Presence is the deep awareness of everything around you. It is a silence underneath the sounds, your thoughts; it is the door that opens when you quiet your mind.
Let’s think about energy again…
Everything starts as an idea or thought which is actually your mental energy – which acts like a currency that you have to attract what you desire. If you scan your brain while asking questions, neurologists have found a way where you can see which part of the brain your thoughts are coming from. They see this energy lighting up. I think of it as your main computer processor that gives directions.
What scientists have discovered is that we have as many connections in our brain as there are stars in the universe. Our brains are actually mini universes capable of anything – and the best thing is we have to power to do what we want with it.
We are going experience today how we can actually in a way program our computers to transfer this source energy into physical energy in whatever form you want it to be.
BUT you must first understand to turn this power on you and transfer this energy into the physical world, YOU need to be present in the physical world first.
Your body is your personal “here and now”. If you’re not present in your body, your impact in the world is weak – even if your mind & your ideas are strong.
As you become more present, you’ll feel calm & relaxed, clear & focused, with more time and energy to make your ideas a reality. You will start to notice you can do less and get more .
You must be thinking WOW this sounds really complicated, I don’t know if I can do it. Well first just notice that is your ego’s thought and not you and let it go. Let’s try it now…let me help you get a glimpse of what you are capable of.
We are going to first learn to calm our mind and thoughts. After I am going to show you how you can feel the energy that runs through your body.
In order to move forward in life you have to clear away any blockages caused from your past. Whatever you have we will clear today. Just know that if it is something very deep in you, it may take practice to fully clean any old wounds.
Then finally I will help you visualize and create a space for your dreams and show you how to transfer that cosmic energy from your mind into the physical world.
So let’s get into in now.
Sit back, relax, take a deep inhale and on your exhale breathe your eyes close and just let go of any thoughts in your mind and be with me now. Listen to my voice and allow everything else around you to dissolve.
First put a strong focus behind your eyes. Keep attention in the space behind your eyes. That’s good. Smile and feel the energy in your body. As you inhale draw your energy into your lungs as you exhale feel your energy fill your entire body.
Notice any thoughts in your mind and just allow them leave your mind keeping your attention behind your eyes.
Now connect your body to the earth by imagining your legs as roots of a tree. Imagine these roots growing and extending deep into the ground. Expand that grounding to the base of your spine. Feel it expanding to the width of your body. See your body as a tree rooting deeper into the ground connecting to earth where the energy starts to travel up – filling your legs, you abdomen, your arms all the way up to the top of your head.
Feel your presence getting stronger in your body. Feel your energy pulsing in your heart in your hands and your feet. Feel your awareness right behind your eyes. Notice any pain or tension in your body. Just release it – let it drop now into the ground. Notice any old energy – maybe memories or fears and give them permission to release down into the earth. Feel that change in the body.
Take a deep breath be aware of your body again and be really present behind your eyes, and give yourself permission to maintain this strong presence. Keep this same feeling with your eyes closed. Remember your breath again.
On your next inhale gently open your eyes.
Let’s use our senses fully. Be where you are. Look around. Just look, don’t interpret. See the light, shapes, colors, textures. Listen to the sounds; don’t judge them. Listen to the silence underneath the sounds.
Don’t interpret them or make them mean anything. They may not make sense or might make perfect sense. You may notice in the future something that may happen and then that image will make sense.
What you just did is increase your presence and connect yourself to this infinite source energy.
Think of your personal presence as a glass. When you have a strong presence your glass grows larger and you have more space to fill it with this source energy. When you have access to this source energy you will notice amazing things in your life with start to happen. You will feel a freedom and flow that will allow you to radiate your unique expression.
I am up here today giving a speech because I have found this presence and connection in my life. It give me
Before speaking in public was something that terrified me. I never did it. I took a communication course that made everyone speak in the audience of about 200 people. I tried to hide since I was always too scared. They found me and made me go up on stage and tell them what was stopping from going up there. So I did for the first time kept shaking, I turned red and even tears came down my eyes. I was terrified because my ego told me I wasn’t good enough. Today I by my awareness of presence I feel calm and free to speak in from of people. Keep practicing and you will notice
When you are present you will start to feel

  1. Engaged. Feel focused, interested, safe
  2. Effective, relaxed with plenty of time
  3. Get more done with less effort and time
  4. Aware. Sense others around you at a deeper level
  5. Powerful. Speaker, athlete, performer

You will notice you are coming out of presence when you have difficulty

  1. Focus and attention
  2. Small impact or influence around you
  3. Low productivity
  4. Impatience
  5. Sleep difficulties

When you notice yourself getting out of this state, simply use the tools from the workshop or today to get back into it. It is made up of two main components 1) grounding yourself to the earth. You can visualize a rope, a tree trunk a waterfall or even a beam of light. Choose whatever makes you feel more grounded. Use it to feel that solid strength in you and 2) putting a strong focus within you mind, not thinking but just being. This is when you go within and draw your energy back. Your mind puts a direct focus behind your eyes and clears your thoughts.
By doing this you are connecting your mind with the universal mind. Think of it like connecting to the internet and your mind has the ability to search a vast amount of information in just a few seconds. Additionally, when you connect to this energy and you are clear what you want – the universe will bring what you need to make it happen.
You have the unique opportunity to learn this today. Now it is your choice what you want to do with it.
So, let’s remember all that you learned today. You have this pure powerful energy available to you and learned you can transfer that energy into the physical world to make anything you want possible.
Remember it like the internet. Imagine it being like a cosmic google search engine that when you connect to it in just few seconds [depending on the strength of the connection of course] and on top of receiving information, you have a vast amount of this magical energy available to you waiting on your direction. Today you experienced a few tools on how to guide that energy with your thoughts. When you calm you mind and connect to earth and connecting yourself to this cosmic internet- YOU will have access to God’s energy and also start getting clarity on your purpose and how to use it to help others and in turn giving you abundance, happiness and joy.
When you walk out the door today you will feel this pure joy because we are together combining our energies in a very powerful way. Small groups of people headed toward one purpose is much stronger than thousands working separately. Remember this and make decisions to work with other people who share your ideas and beliefs. When we take action standing together to help society we are aligned with universe in the evolution of humankind and our soul. Because of this – the universe will arrange the forces to support our desires and cause.
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.”
Our experience in this life is to be the seeds or leaders of the future. You were born to give voice to your truth and unique purpose and as we do this we inspire connection to everyone around us and we light up – and the world lights with us.
I hope today you can now see for yourself your true potential and what you are meant to do together to positively influence humanity to give birth to pure happiness to everyone.