About San Francisco Center

In 1982, a seed was planted that eventually grew to become Shumei’s San Francisco Center when a Chinese lady from Los Angeles named Ah Kim Kong introduced Jyorei to an old friend, Mr. Yun Yin Chu, while visiting San Francisco. Yun Yin Chu and his family became Shumei’s first San Francisco members later that year. Ever since then, the Chu family has warmly opened their home in San Francisco’s densely populated Chinatown to friends and members who gather there regularly to exchange Jyorei and study Meishusama’s writings.

The first official San Francisco Center opened in 1987 in the Sunset district adjacent to picturesque Golden Gate Park. Growing gradually, the Center was maintained and supported by the voluntary services of local Shumei members as well as members who visited the Bay Area from Hong Kong and Japan. Since then, the Center has moved from place to place, without the stability of private ownership. We have always dreamed of having a permanent location in the Bay Area that fosters our membership and supports our various activities. Finally, our dream has come true. We celebrated the Grand Opening of the new San Francisco Center in March of 2011. This was a milestone for Shumei in America. Today, our Center is located in Daly City and our membership truly reflects the diversity of people who live in the Bay Area.

Our members and friends are more active than ever in Shumei’s three main activities of Jyorei, Art, and Natural Agriculture. We have a weekly Jyorei sharing activity at East West Bookstore in Mountain View, in Silicon Valley. We also share Jyorei at various expos and festivals. Concerts and other artistic events are attended as well. With the opening of Shumei’s Santa Cruz Farm in 2003, members and friends now gain first-hand experience of Natural Agriculture farming and each month enjoy chemical and pesticide-free produce brought fresh from the farm.

Office Hours:
9am to 6pm

Daily Sampai times:
morning sampai : 7am
evening sampai : 6pm

123 Santa Paula Drive, Daly City, CA 94015 Phone and Fax: (415) 585-8548 E-mail: su.ie1532053550muhs@1532053550ocsic1532053550narfn1532053550as1532053550