“The principle of Natural Agriculture is an overriding respect and concern for nature.”

The greatest expression of Shumei’s deep concern for the health of our Earth is its commitment to the practice of the Natural Agriculture method of growing food, a method that emphasizes the integrity of nature and the purity of soil, water, and air. Underlying Natural Agriculture is a profound reverence for Nature and its practice is guided entirely by the intrinsic wisdom of Nature.

Shumei’s founder, Mokichi Okada, who developed Natural Agriculture, envisioned it as not only a means of cultivating pure and wholesome food but as an art and spiritual practice. As an agricultural method it relies on understanding the subtle physical relationships and spiritual bonds that exist among all the elements involved in the cultivation of food: the earth, sun, rain, wind, the farmer, the people who eat the food, and the society in which they live. And its purpose is to foster the health and wellbeing of all these elements.

Natural Agriculture Q & A

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