How to Improve Your Jyorei Experience

Roy Gibbon: First, I would like to explain a little bit about how a Jyorei Intensive works and talk a bit about Jyorei. The idea of having a Jyorei Intensive is that, as you know, we usually do Jyorei for just five minutes. So, it’s very brief, but oftentimes more than enough. But it has been my experience that there are times when giving Jyorei for a long period has its own benefits as well.

How many of you have shared Jyorei at an Expo? I think it is great to attend a Jyorei booth at an Expo and give Jyorei all day long to many different people. When I do that the energy keeps building and building and I my spirit becomes highly elevated. This is a great way to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

So, when I asked how many people have given Jyorei at Expo booths most everybody here raised their hands. That’s great! Does anyone have anything to share about their experience giving lots of Jyorei at a one of those booths?

Matthew Weinsteiger: Yeah, it was fun.

Roy: And did it feel different in any way?

Matthew: I felt, as the day progressed, more energy, I felt more warmth in my hands. And just an overall sense of feeling really good, just from giving Jyorei all day.

Roy: So, the energy seemed to build up?

Matthew: Yeah it did. And the people just loved it, the people that came. I had a good time with that.

Roy: Have you ever noticed that when you feel Jyorei strongly it seems like the recipient does too? You can tell because they either make a comment or indicate it by making some kind of facial expression. That has been my experience.

Anyone else have any interesting experience of sharing Jyorei while at a Jyorei booth?

Kamila Schertel: I felt as I was giving more and more Jyorei, my energy was expanding, and my heart was really opening. There was such great communication with those who were receiving Jyorei, because it was something that we were sharing, and they could feel it too. Usually they are very grateful, and tell you what they felt, and what colors they saw.

Roy: So your heart was opening, and you felt your energy expanding? And you felt the communication between yourself and the other person. That is something special about Jyorei; it is a form of communication. Jyorei is a non–verbal form of communication from spirit to spirit bypassing words, bypassing our normal ways of communicating. You could say it is heart to heart communication.

Janna Storino: My experience has been that it sometimes depends on where you are. At least for me, the energy of the place makes a difference. Sometimes I feel it so strongly and the other person feels nothing, and sometimes I feel nothing, and the other person is crying. So, I have decided that it doesn’t matter really, what you feel.

Roy: That is a very important point. In my opinion, it is important to try to quiet your mind and open your heart when you give Jyorei. Jyorei will work no matter what, but I think we can help it to work better.

There are a number of factors that can influence Jyorei. One is how quiet your mind is, and how open your heart is. Another factor is the environment, as Janna mentioned. Still another is your relationship to the person receiving Jyorei. If you are very close to that person, it opens up an energetic pathway through spiritual cords.1 If many people share Jyorei at the same time, there is a cumulative effect. Like today in the Crestone Sanctuary when there were a lot of us there. To me, the Jyorei was very strong this morning, but I don’t know if it was because there were many people doing Jyorei together or because we are in this incredible place.2 I am excited to be here and I am in a good mood. And all of these factors are happening together.

I think we can give Jyorei even if we are tired or in a bad mood, but I like to bring my best to people when I give Jyorei. What I like to do is quiet my mind and open my heart. To do that, I try to focus on love and gratitude—especially love. To me, when my mind is quiet, it is like empty space in which the energy can move through without any blockages. And love is like a wave that carries Jyorei forward. That is the way I visualize it. When I do that and I really feel my heart opening up, oftentimes people have said, “Wow, the Jyorei was really strong today!”

Just last Friday this happened when I gave Jyorei to a person that doesn’t come to our Center very often. I gave her ten minutes of Jyorei in the sanctuary in Pasadena.3 I was just focusing on love and getting very quiet, and she said that it was very powerful. I get that kind of feedback a lot. That is one of the reasons why, in Shumei, we emphasize love and gratitude. Although I can’t force my heart to open, at least I can focus on love and gratitude. They appear to be different, but to me, as we go deeper and deeper into either one, they start to merge. Have you ever felt love and gratitude at the same time?

Many Participants: Yes

Roy: Love and gratitude compliment each other. They are two sides of a coin. For some people, it is easier to focus on gratitude and for others it is easier to focus on love. If you are the former, then when you are giving Jyorei, think of a person, place, or circumstance that you are grateful for. If you are the later, think of someone whom you love. It is not so much what you are thinking about that counts, but how much you can evoke these feelings. For instance, you may try feeling gratitude towards Meishusama for introducing Jyorei to the world.

Both love and gratitude are ways to open the heart, but to me, healing is more about love. Why do we even bother giving or sharing Jyorei with people? Ideally, it is for love. We do it because we love people and want to help them. We share Jyorei because of our love of humanity. Such altruism is based on love. And love is based on the recognition of oneself in others. In other words, you recognize something eternal within someone that is also within you. This is no less than spirit perceiving spirit.

Jyorei is a communication from spirit to spirit, or to put it differently, from heart to heart. Jyorei comes from spirit and goes to spirit. We are just the intermediaries for this process.

So, if you want to improve your Jyorei, you can focus on gratitude, quiet your mind, or focus on love. Doing so may increase the effectiveness or your Jyorei.

But as Janna said earlier, “Sometimes, while sharing Jyorei, we may be thinking about having to pay our rent, or needing to go shopping, or something else, and still the recipient goes, “Wow!” afterwards. They feel a lot from the Jyorei. So, despite everything I just said, ultimately, the power of Jyorei is not up to us. It is up to God, or Source or the Universe. That is what is really performing the healing. Nonetheless, we still have our parts to play. What we do can make a difference. In other words, we need to do our best while surrendering the results to God alone.

According to Meishusama, another factor that influences Jyorei is one’s spiritual level. The more purified you are, the more you will embody such qualities as love, peace, harmony, honesty, and humility. These qualities are a reflection of your spiritual level. The more you express these, the higher you are. You can judge a tree by the apples it bears. You can evaluate a person by their actions. So, a person that is saintly—not that one should be like a stereotypical saint—a person who has an abundance of these qualities is usually at a high level. And according to Meishusama, the higher one’s level, the stronger one’s Jyorei.

Why do you think that is? Why should that affect your Jyorei?

Bejai Gillis: I think, because if you are at a higher spiritual level you are able to uplift the person you are giving Jyorei to as well.

Roy: And why would it help the Jyorei be stronger?

Bejai: Because where you are giving it is to their soul. Because you are giving it to their soul, it helps to uplift and get through their own stuff.

Janna: I was just going to say a clearer channel.

Billie Washington: Maybe they would be more purified? But I always refer to it as the muck and mire we accumulate, and it receives so much purification. They don’t have all that muck and mire, so it is just a better channel.

Roy: So, you are both saying clear channel. You could say the person is like a clear conduit. Like if you have a garden hose and you turn on the water, but the hose is kinked. What happens? The water comes out, but not so much. If the hose is completely clear—no bends—and there is nothing blocking it, the water comes through easily. So we want to be like a clear garden hose, with no bends or kinks, which are character flaws, you could say. If there is nothing clogging it up like dirt or rocks, the hose is clear. There is nothing negative or selfish blocking it, so the light comes through and you are a clear vehicle. So that is another one of the important factors for sharing powerful Jyorei—your spiritual level.

Sonia Aguila: I am listening to all that is being said, and a couple things are going through my head. One of them is that some of us are ready to come into Jyorei, and so it happens that we are given Jyorei. Some of us are a little bit more aware of the connection, our spiritual connection. So, we just embrace it. And for others it might take a little bit longer. Each of us has his or her own level. Overall, I see the Universe interacting and directing everything. In my mind when I say Universe, of course it is God, and all that that implies. None of this is by coincidence is what I am saying. So, regardless of how cloudy our spirits, we are on a path, and as we tune in the clarity is greater, the Jyorei is greater. Also, because of that universal influence, some of us might channel a greater source, if you follow what I am saying.

Roy: So the more you refine your spirit through Jyorei, and any other spiritual practice you do, any work you do on yourself, you are also making yourself more available to help others. That is the point.

Kamila: I think that all that has been said is true. Also, even if someone is clouded, if there is a clear intention to help another person, the energy may open up, and all of the clouds will not matter.

Roy: If you can bring love and peace to your mind right now, you might bypass the clouds. And sometimes healing happens despite anything we do or don’t do. We can call that grace. We can’t depend on it, though. Grace is unpredictable. So, if you want to do your best for someone, then work on purifying yourself.

Another thing you mentioned, Janna, was that your environment, the space you are in, affects the Jyorei. Why should it matter where you are when giving Jyorei?

Linda Tan: If you are in a beautiful space, you are just naturally prone to be in a better mood.

Roy: So it raises your consciousness, right away.

I like to look at it this way. First, the place we are now in appears to be a physical room with physical walls. We know from physics that these walls are 99.9999% empty space with particles vibrating within it. When you look into the particles, all they are is vibrating information. Basically, everything is energy, and nothing is truly solid. But physical things store vibration. Even empty spaces stores vibrations.

So, if you go to a house where people are angry and arguing and fighting, or even worse, if they are violent, the energy will be very dark there. The bad vibration stays there. If you go someplace, such as the sanctuary up there where people are focusing on Light and on God, on helping others, because their intention is pure, the vibration will be very high and it stays there. We are fortunate here that this Center is located in the San Luis Valley, a sacred valley. This is a power spot. Just coming here makes one feel wonderful. There is a great energy here. Not to mention being in nature. Nature to me feels very pure. Anybody agree that nature feels pure?

Kamila: Yes! 100 percent!

Roy: Why do we think nature is pure? What is pure about it?

Bill Dobson: It is directly from the source.

Roy: Ok, and humans are not?

Bill: Humans are part of nature as well, but their works are not always natural.

Susan Codding: And nature is now, it is in the present. It is not in the future, it is not in the past.

Roy: And what causes past and future?

Susan: The mind. And as humans, we worry and we add all our stuff to it.

Roy: So, humans are always thinking. Some studies tell us that most of our thoughts, like 80% or more, are negative. We are always complaining, “Oh I am too hot. I’m tired. I’m hungry. When am I going to eat?” Whatever the thoughts may be, we are usually not quite satisfied. “When will Roy stop talking? Let’s get to the Jyorei!” Whatever it is, you know you are always thinking like this. Our minds are never quite satisfied. That negativity within us creates spiritual clouds.

What happens if you have a city of ten million people thinking this way? It creates an atmosphere, a dense atmosphere of negativity. And the more that you are thinking, whether positive or negative, the less you are in the here and now. If your mind is very pure, internally you tend to be quiet and in the present. So, nature, from my experience, doesn’t think too much. The natural world may think in a very rudimentary way, but it does not always jabber away as we do. I don’t think nature is complaining so much, either.

So, you are out in nature and it is very pure and peaceful. What else? What else is there about nature that is attractive?

Kamila: It is very simple.

Roy: Simple. Yes. And nature is beautiful too, right? Usually it is quite beautiful. Meishusama says that nature is God’s artwork. So, when you are in nature, you are in beauty. What does beauty do to us?

Bejai: It elevates us.

Roy: How?

Bejai: It makes us happy.

Roy: Yes, it makes us happy. It opens our hearts and makes us peaceful and relaxed. So, nature is very healing. That is why we go into it.

Let’s say you go to a room. The light is broken, so you bring a flashlight. You turn it on, but the room is full of smoke. What happens to the beam of light when you shine it in the smoky room?

Kamila: You see less of it.

Roy: Yes, less of the light gets to the walls or the objects you are aiming at. The light is diffused by all of the smoke. On the other hand, if you go into a room where the air is pristine and you turn on the flashlight, what happens?

Kamila: It’s brighter.

Roy: It is brighter because there is no obstruction. You can see the walls and objects in the room clearly. This is an analogy of spiritual clouds. The spiritual clouds within us, like smoke in the room, block the light. If you have in yourself negativity, violence, or anger is like that smoke.

What if a couple fought all the time and there is violence? They need Jyorei badly. However, is it better to go to their house and give them Jyorei, because they really need a clear light in their room, or is it better to invite them to a sanctuary to give them Jyorei?

Bejai: A Sanctuary

Kamila: Number two.

Susan: Either way.

Roy: The energy is much cleaner in the sanctuary, so probably the Jyorei will be stronger there. But either way is good. The answer depends on other factors.

I would say normally it is better to bring them to the sanctuary so that they can get more Light, but some people say bring the Light to the room and thus brighten up the whole house. It depends on them. Oftentimes, they won’t go to the sanctuary. Right? So, you do what you can. Ideally, you do both. Even better would be to get them to start doing Jyorei. That would bring even more Light into their lives. So, as you can see, there are different sides to such a situation.

To improve your Jyorei, you want to find a pure space in which to share it. Do what you can to purify your heart. Work at raising your consciousness. If many people within a large group share Jyorei along side you, it will be even stronger. And if you have a strong connection with the recipient, that will help, too. But most importantly, focus on love and gratitude.

One of the ways I open my heart is to think of people and places I love, and soon I feel warmth expanding in the middle of my chest. Doing this, I feel my consciousness expanding as well. How well I do this varies. Sometimes it is easy, and at other times not as much. But when I do this, I feel the energy and oftentimes others do, too. That is just my own experience. When I am focusing on love, it automatically makes my mind quiet. I don’t have to try quieting my mind.

Why am I bringing this all up? Because we have the Jyorei intensive coming up in a few minutes in which we will have an hour and one–half of sharing Jyorei. If you want to bring in as much Light as possible, then you might try quieting your mind and opening your heart. Do your best to benefit the people around you, and see what happens. But if you get tired after awhile, don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the Light. Light makes no effort to shine, so neither should we.