How to Feel Jyorei

Recently, someone asked how one could consciously feel the energy of Jyorei. Fortunately, I did not have to answer at that moment. So, I had time to give it some thought. First, I started with the premise that Jyorei is Light. Not tangible light that we can actually sense in the world around us, but spiritual Light. Although Jyorei is not physical, its effect can be felt in the body and sometimes seen with the eyes or heard with the ears. But mostly it is felt with the heart. By ‘heart’ I mean that part of us that is sensitive and vulnerable, gives, and receives love. The heart is that part of us that connects with others and appreciates the world around us.

Upon further reflection, I realized that people new to Jyorei usually have one of three responses after receiving Jyorei: One might comment on how powerful the energy is; Another, with a shrug of the shoulders, might say nothing was felt at all; Yet another might confess the desire to have felt something when receiving Jyorei.

It might be worthwhile to ask: Is it necessary to feel Jyorei for it to work? I would like to say no, Jyorei works whether you feel it or not, just as good food nourishes you even though you do not feel it doing so. In fact, many have benefitted from Jyorei while fast asleep or in a coma. Therefore, the effect of Jyorei does not depend upon the awareness of the receiver. Jyorei transcends our personal limitations. An unfathomable mystery is at its core.

Nevertheless, I understand why people might wish to feel Jyorei. I myself would like to be able to feel it every time I receive it. Why? Because, that would add to the richness of the experience. Currently, I feel Jyorei most of the time, although often only subtly. So, I would not mind feeling Jyorei more intensely than usual. After all, since Jyorei is something I do every day, why not experience it to the fullest?

It is usual to doubt whether something works when it cannot be seen or felt. In the case of nuclear radiation, such skepticism can be deadly if it causes negligence. Love also cannot be perceived by the senses, yet without it our lives feel empty and desolate.

When one experiences physical sensations while receiving Jyorei, it confirms in the mind of that person that something is actually happening. It removes any doubts that one might be deluding oneself. Otherwise, one is only left with faith. Faith is okay, but something tangible is better. This is especially important for people new to Jyorei, many of whom rely upon secondhand testimonials for evidence rather than direct experience. Everyone needs encouragement while pursuing a spiritual practice. That is why, for some, it is important to feel Jyorei. It is encouraging. Of course, if they are tenacious enough to stick with receiving Jyorei regularly, they will begin to notice its beneficial effects. They will realize better health, more happiness, and good fortune, whether they feel the effects of Jyorei while receiving it or not.

But even if you do not feel Jyorei, how do you know that it does not feel you? How do you know that the energy of Jyorei cannot sense what is going on within you? What if the energy of Jyorei is actually conscious and aware?

I find this idea amusing, rather than disconcerting, the idea that the energy of Jyorei consciously explores those that receive it. That would imply that Jyorei is a person. As you know, Jyorei is not a person. It is an impersonal but intelligent energy that knows where to go and what to do. This is why we do not need to control Jyorei while giving it. Instead, we trust divine intelligence to handle the healing for us. All we need to do, as Jyorei givers, is get out of the way and allow the Light to work.

…human beings do not have the power to perform even a single miracle; only God can perform miracles. –Meishusama, “Religion is Inseparable from Miracles,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 15

Jyorei is not energy that can be perceived such as gamma rays or x-rays, but divine energy. It comes from God, and God is all knowing and unknowable.

…the true nature of Spirit is the fundamental source of all energy and the directing power behind the creation, movements, activities, and changes of every single thing in this infinite universe. –Meishusama, “Natural Power,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 71

Jyorei is a direct expression of God. It contains God’s presence. Therefore, it is conscious and intelligent energy. That is why Jyorei can feel you, even though you might not feel it.

So, how can we be more effective when giving and receiving Jyorei? By emulating God and being more conscious and aware. This means to become inwardly silent, free of wandering thoughts and inner distractions. To be most effective when sharing Jyorei, we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. We need to quiet our minds and pay attention to our immediate experience.

To be effective at Jyorei is to become a clear lens that does not interfere with the Light. It does not mean that we control or manipulate the Light, but rather allow it to pass through us unobstructed. God is the true giver of Jyorei, not us. The same is true for Jyorei receivers. The more open they are, the better the results.

One of the easiest ways to quiet the mind is to pay attention to the body. This is also one of the best ways to prepare for feeling Jyorei, at least at first. Later, one might want to expand ones attention beyond the body to the aura surrounding it. But at first, start with the body.

Is there any tightness or tension anywhere? Does the body feel light or heavy? Notice the quality of your breath. Is it deep or shallow? Is it fast and restless, or calm and steady? How does your skin feel? Is it hot, cold, tight, itchy, or sore? How about your mood? Do you feel anxious, irritated, impatient, or depressed, or do you feel peaceful and content? Are you dwelling on the past or talking to someone in your mind? Do you want to be elsewhere? Are you compulsively seeking something in the future? All of these things pull us away from the immediate experience and keep us from feeling Jyorei.

Begin by relaxing your body, especially the joints. Consciously let go of any tension and tightness wherever you find it. Allow your breath to settle into your abdomen. Do not force any of this, just allow it to happen. Let go of issues with the past and agendas for the future. Just relax. Settle into the here and now, where all Jyorei experience occurs. Keep your attention focused on the body and on the breath. However, rather than focusing on any one particular spot or condition, expand your awareness to encompass the entire body, and eventually the area immediately surrounding it.

The space surrounding the body contains the aura, the invisible energy matrix that supports the life of the physical body. The aura is the outer reflection of the soul, which is the core of individuality. According to Meishusama, the soul is the first thing Jyorei works on.

…Jyorei bathes the soul in Divine Light and instantaneously awakens the spirit.
–Meishusama, “The End of Suffering,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 19

From the soul, the energy then moves to the aura, mind, emotions, and body, although not necessarily in that order.

It is a basic and true rule of the universe that auras cannot be seen by the eyes of ordinary people, but there are occasionally those who have this ability to see them. However, if an ordinary person stills his mind and gazes intently at another person, he can, to a limited extent, perceive this person’s aura.
–Meishusama, “Spiritual Radiation and the Aura,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 176

The aura is perceived not by thinking but by seeing and feeling. If you expand your awareness to the area surrounding the body, you may eventually feel sensations there. At first, these feelings will probably be quite subtle, but with persistence, these sensations might become more pronounced. To be successful, you need to continually bring your attention back into the present whenever it strays to the past or future. You also need to let go of any impulse to escape your immediate experience. Remember, you can only feel what is happening right now, not what has happened or may happen later.

The mind categorizes experience, analyzes patterns, and plans for the future, but it cannot directly experience. The mind is an abstract intermediary between ourselves and our experience. The mind is a useful tool, but it is the wrong tool for feeling energy.

One feels Jyorei, not by thinking but by feeling. This makes prefect sense, does it not? To feel, one must feel—not think. We need to pay attention to the feelings and sensations that arise within us during Jyorei if we wish to increase our sensitivity to it.

It is important to understand that we feel not only with our nerve endings, but with our hearts as well. Did you know that more than half of the heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those of the brain? The heart also produces a much larger magnetic field than the brain. Many psychophysiologists consider the heart to be more an organ of intelligence than a mere pumping device for the blood. Some even regard it as our primary organ of intelligence.

The heart has its own wisdom. In fact, many ancient cultures, including Native Americans, felt that human consciousness was centered in the heart, not in the head, contrary to what most modern people currently believe.

This is why, within Shumei, we recommend that one focus on love and gratitude when giving and receiving Jyorei. By doing so, we connect with others through our heart rather than our mind. Much of spiritual growth is about purifying the heart. As we purify the heart, not only will we become more sensitive to Light, but also become more sensitive to the needs of others, to beauty, to nature, and to God. The heart is the key to feeling love.

When you give Jyorei to someone, always keep your heart aligned with God’s love. If you do so, good results will surely follow.
–Meishusama, “Being Daijo,” Kannon’s Way

Another thing I notice regarding peoples’ experiences of Jyorei is that some feel Jyorei at the beginning, but over time feel it less. Whereas others do not feel anything at first, but later feel it more.

Regarding this, a distinction should be made between feeling the purifying effects of Jyorei and feeling its energy. Sometimes, people new to Jyorei feel unpleasant phenomenon, such as heat, pressure, itchiness, nausea, or sleepiness when receiving Jyorei. This can be attributed to the release of physical, mental, and spiritual impurities from within them. Meishusama calls these impurities ‘spiritual clouds.’ They are directly or indirectly the main cause of sickness and suffering. Although Jyorei eliminates most clouds effortlessly and painlessly, sometimes this process can cause temporary discomfort. This is what Meishusama usually means by ‘purification.’ Such symptoms are the result of the energy, but are not the energy itself. Over time, as a person new to Jyorei becomes more purified, the discomfort diminishes and is replaced by pleasurable sensations.

The thing that we term, all too simply, ‘sickness’ is in fact a process of physical purification caused ultimately by the need to dispel the clouds accumulated on the human soul. 
–Meishusama, “Jyorei and Happiness,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 112

Actually, we tend not to experience Jyorei directly, but only its effects. This may be surprising, yet the same can be said of sunlight. Pure sunlight does not have a shape or texture of its own, so instead of looking at it directly, we tend to focus on the objects it lights up such as trees, cars, buildings, and people. Even with sunbeams, it is actually the reflections of light on dust particles and moisture that catches our attention rather than pure sunlight itself. But whereas sunlight can either nurture or burn, Jyorei always heals. It benefits body, mind, and spirit.

* The effects on the physical body include relaxation, comfort, and lightness.

* The effects on the mind include serenity, love, and joy.

* The effects on the spirit include clarity, expansiveness, and insight.

People new to Jyorei are more likely to experience the unpleasant effects of purification than those who have practiced Jyorei for many years. The latter are more likely to feel pleasant sensations than newcomers. This does not mean that those who feel discomfort are less spiritually evolved than those who feel pleasure. Nor does it mean that those who do not feel anything are less aware than those that feel something. It is not that simple. Sometimes discomfort is caused by the elimination of physical toxins, which has less to do with ones spiritual level than with those things that affect ones physical health, such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle. For example, a person could be spiritually evolved but physically ill because of physical toxins, malnutrition, or bodily injury. Or conversely, a person could seemingly be quite healthy, but selfish, hostile, and spiritually stunted. When receiving Jyorei, almost everyone occasionally experiences unpleasant feelings, although pleasure and joy are more common. Yet, generally, the more purified one is, especially spiritually, the more one has evolved on his or her spiritual path. The reason people practice Jyorei is to purify their souls and raise their consciousness.

According to Meishusama, our level of spiritual development can be determined best by not how we feel but how we behave.

There is a standard against which you can measure the extent of your spiritual progress and the pureness of your spirit, and it is not difficult. It is simply the degree to which you dislike strife, and the amount of gentleness and modesty that you show.”
–Meishusama, “Gentleness and Modesty,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 145

Thus, symptoms of purification might not reflect ones spiritual level as much as ones gentleness, modesty, and loathing of conflict. Symptoms of purification only mirror our spiritual or physical toxicity.

When we share Jyorei we become brighter. Love functions in the same way. When we give love, we become more loving. Love and Light are two sides of the same coin. The more loving we are, the more Light is within us, and the more Light we share, the more loving we are. Jyorei is all about giving, because it is through giving that we are filled with Light.

If you want to be happy, you have to make others happy. What is absolutely essential is love.
–Meishusama, “The Izunome Principle and Love,” Kannon’s Way

When we share Jyorei, we partake in something greater than ourselves. We are, in a sense, operating as the hands of God helping to bring about Heaven on Earth.