How Does Jyorei Work?

A few weeks ago a lady named Andrea, who often comes to the Pasadena Center, asked me how Jyorei works. That is a legitimate question, but I did not have time to offer her my opinion. The question is not about how we give Jyorei. As you know, we do that by raising our hand and directing energy to someone. The question is not about where the energy goes; it goes from our hand to the person receiving Jyorei. It is about ‘how’ Jyorei functions.

For the sake of comparison, let us look at how a car works. It is not enough to say that we turn the ignition key and then push the gas pedal with our foot to make the car move. That is only what the driver does. It is not how the car itself works. A simple explanation is that the driver turns the ignition key and pushes the gas pedal. This causes gasoline to mix with oxygen in the engine. Then electric sparks ignite the gasoline vapors and cause miniature explosions that cause the pistons to move up and down. This causes the drive train to spin, which cause the wheels to move. That is a straightforward explanation of how a car works, as distinct from where it goes or how one should drive it.

Let us now explore the question of how Jyorei works. What is the actual mechanism? As you know, Jyorei directs a particular kind of energy. Actually, everything is energy. We know that from physics. What appears to be solid matter is actually 99.999 percent space filled with lots of extremely small particles. This includes atoms, electrons, and quarks. The further one looks, the smaller these particles are. And all of them are vibrating rapidly. Everything vibrates at different speeds, each having different qualities. From a spiritual perspective, some things have a higher vibration or quality, whereas some have a lower vibration or quality.

Jyorei, I believe, is a ultra pure vibration. Why is it pure? It is pure because Jyorei comes straight from Source. By Source, I mean God, Spirit, Consciousness, or Pure Being. (I consider these words synonymous.) Because Jyorei comes directly from Source, it takes on the qualities of Source. It has divine qualities such as peace, love, joy, harmony, and intelligence. These qualities are inherent in Jyorei just as heat and light are inherent to fire. The closer one gets to fire, the greater the heat and light; the farther away one gets, the less.

“It is important to realize that the higher the spiritual level of the source, the finer and subtler the radiations will be.” – Natural Power, The Essential Teachings of Meishusama.

Jyorei comes directly from Source and remains close to Source. That is why Jyorei has divine qualities such as light, positivity, and harmony. On the other hand, the further something is from Source, the more it takes on qualities of darkness, negativity, and disharmony—or so it seems.

Actually, Source is like the sun. How can the sun differentiate between darkness and light when all it sees is light? How can the sun distinguish between closeness and distance when everything looks the same? So please realize that here I am speaking from the human point of view, which is based on relative positions such as distance and brightness, rather than from Source’s point of view, which is based on absolute unity. That’s why Meishusama says, “There is no good or evil in God himself. In God’s eyes, good is indistinguishable from evil.” (Judge Not. Kannon’s Way) Nonetheless, such distinctions are very real for you and I, and we need to pay attention to them.

Everything affects us. The people we spend time with, friends, family, and colleagues, all affect us. If we are around loving and kind people, we become more loving and kind ourselves. The food we eat also affects us. If we eat healthy food, we become healthier. The surrounding environment also shapes us. If we surround ourselves with beauty, our hearts become beautiful.

Jyorei’s energy, which I believe is an exceptionally pure energy, can purify us on an especially deep level. Because Jyorei’s energy comes from Source, it is a extremely high vibration. That is why it raises our consciousness. Jyorei’s energy is also very harmonious. When we receive Jyorei, this harmonious energy causes harmony and balance within our body, within our mind, and within our spirit. Jyorei radiates divine qualities just as fire radiates heat and light. The more Jyorei one receives—or even better, gives—the more one takes on divine qualities such as peace, love, joy, and intelligence. These are all divine qualities that come from Source by way of Jyorei.

A stronger energy can often synchronize with a weaker energy and cause it to vibrate on the same frequency. In physics, this is called ‘entrainment.’ I believe Jyorei works in a similar manner. That is why Jyorei’s divine qualities are transferable to others.

Jyorei radiates pure Light. A light does not cast shadows. Only objects cast shadows. Darkness is not the opposite of Light. Darkness does not actually exist as a phenomena, it is merely the absence of Light. When you flip on a light switch in a dark room, the darkness is not destroyed. It does not get pushed out of the room. So where does the darkness go? Nowhere. It goes nowhere because it was not there to begin with. We cannot observe darkness because darkness is the inability to see light. Nor can we create darkness. We can only block the light. That is what we do with our negative thoughts, emotions, and actions. We allow them to block the Light radiating from within us, and this causes us to suffer in darkness—the absence of light. This can translate into sickness, misfortune, and stress.

Jyorei reveals the Light within the darkness. It uncovers the Light hidden in our soul. The darkness is what Meishusama calls ‘spiritual clouds,’1 and the Light within us is what he calls our ‘divine spirit.’ Jyorei purifies by dispersing the spiritual clouds with Light. That is why we call Jyorei “purification of the spirit.” It purifies us by replacing darkness with Light. It allows the Light within us to shine forth.

“The clouding of the soul that we talk about is, in fact, a deficiency of power, of Light, making it through from the divine spirit.” – An Evil Person Is Spiritually Sick. Essential Teachings of Meishusama

When we eat healthy food, the nutrition in the food goes to wherever in the body it is needed. The intelligence within our body directs it to our heart, our lungs, our muscles, our nerves, or wherever else it is needed. But Jyorei is different from food in that Jyorei does not passively depend on the body to send it wherever it needs to go. Unlike food, Jyorei is conscious and intelligent. So, Jyorei knows where to send Light. When we receive Jyorei, the Light will go to wherever it is needed in the body or the mind. And that is why when we give Jyorei we do not need to know what is disturbing the person receiving Jyorei. The recipient does not need to tell us if he or she has a headache, an ulcer, or an emotional problem. When sharing Jyorei, we can just relax and allow the energy to travel through us. It is necessary to understand that we are just vessels for the Light. The Light does all the work, not us.

“Human beings do not have the power to perform miracles; only God can perform them.” – Religion is a Thing of Miracles. The Essential Teachings

Jyorei is a coherent energy, meaning it brings order out of chaos, both in the world and within ourselves. This is another reason Jyorei promotes healing.

The more harmonious and coherent we who giver Jyorei are, the stronger the experience of Jyorei will be. How do we become more harmonious and coherent? We become so by quieting our minds and opening our hearts. As mentioned earlier, the world is mostly space. However, our minds are not. Our minds are usually full of continuous chatter. We are always thinking about one thing or another. When we quiet our minds, we become like space, open to pure Spirit.

How do we quiet our minds? We quiet our minds by focusing on the present moment and by letting go of the need to control every aspect of our lives. It also helps to put trust in God.

Why does an empty mind allow more Jyorei to pass through it? It is because space has no barriers. Space is empty of all content. When our minds are empty, there is nothing to block the Light. This allows the energy of Jyorei to travel through the Jyorei giver to the recipient without obstructions. And that is why we need to become like space when we give Jyorei.

Why does an open heart allow more Light to pass through it? Because love is like waves that carry a ship over the water. Love helps carry the Light to the other person. When you love someone, it creates a connection between the two of you. Gratitude can do this as well.

“When you give Jyorei to someone, always keep your heart aligned with God’s love. If you do so, good results will surely follow. – Being Daijo, Kannon’s Way

Have you noticed that love and gratitude are related? It is easy to feel grateful for the people, things, or circumstances that you love. And it is easy to love those things for which you are grateful. Love and gratitude reinforce each other. So, when we are giving Jyorei, it is best to focus our minds on love and gratitude. For most people focusing on gratitude is the easiest. When we focus on what we are grateful for, the problems of the past and the challenges of the future no longer distract us. Focusing on love and gratitude is one of the easiest ways to quiet the mind. It is also one of the easiest ways to open our hearts.

Again, Jyorei comes from Source. The farther one is from Source, the more disharmony and conflict in ones lives—the more darkness. Together, we are all moving towards the Source, towards the Light. Jyorei can help. Yet, that does not mean we should reject the shadows. The world is made of Light. To reject the world is to reject Light. One cannot separate the two. Meishusama actually loved the world, despite all the darkness and suffering it contained. He constantly found great beauty in it.

To heal ourselves, and the world, we must open our hearts and love everything. Love joins; it does not separate. A heart full of love moves towards the Light, but also turns around and embraces the world. Love needs an object to express itself fully.

We need to love each other, and we need to love ourselves. That means loving the shadows within us as well as the light. The Light, which is awareness, reveals the darkness within us. By shining the Light upon our inner darkness, we discover the anger, negativity, and selfishness within us. If we look at our inner darkness without running away, we eventually discover the Light hidden below these negative thoughts and emotions. We discover our inner radiance.

We do not transform ourselves by rejecting the bad parts and only promoting the good. We transform ourselves by turning the spotlight of attention on everything and embracing all of it with love. That is how we develop self-love.

God’s Light shines on everything, both the good and bad. God does that through you and me. That is how we will create a World of Light, a Paradise on Earth. We will create it through love.

When we love, we see that Source within the object of our love. Love uncovers the light within darkness. Love is the formless embracing the world of form. Love transmutes everything to a harmonious condition. Love does not add to the power of Jyorei, but it allows the transmutation to occur.
Ultimately, there is no difference between love and Light.

Everyone, each one of us is lovable. We all are inherently good. The more we examine our souls, without trying to manipulate them, the more we love others without trying to alter them. Paradoxically, such love is what actually does change people.

Some say Jyorei is an expression of love. Jyorei promotes beauty, love, and intelligence. When sharing Jyorei, we never direct the Light back upon itself; we always direct it out to the people and things around us. The best way to merge with the Source is to embrace the world. The Buddhists call this the Bodhisattva ideal. It is a commitment to help the world. Within Shumei, we do that by sharing Jyorei. We do not offer Jyorei for money, status, or personal gain. We do it out of love. That keeps the Light pure, and it keeps us pure.

Because the Light of Jyorei comes from Source, it is conscious and intelligent. The Light knows where to go and what to do. We, the givers, do not need to control the energy. We simply offer Jyorei and trust that Source will direct Light to wherever it is most needed. This is why we relax our hands and arms when sharing Jyorei. No effort is needed on our part. All we need to do is relax, allow, and, most importantly, trust.

“The key is to recognize that everything is in God’s hands.” – On Removing Egotism and Worldly Attachments, Kannon’s Way