Hollywood Home Cinema “The Last Samurai”

Hollywood Home Cinema “The Last Samurai”

Friday, October 13th, 8 PM – 10 PM

Admission fee: $5 (with Organic Popcorn and Drinks)
Email: su.ie1508311524muhs@1508311524doowy1508311524lloh1508311524
Location: 7406 Franklin Avenue, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Come to Hollywood Home Cinema so that you can laugh with us, cry with us, and be inspired with us as we watch some of the greatest movies ever….!!!
Organic Popcorn, Organic Coffee, Natural Agriculture Tea and more are included in admission price.
The door opens 30 minutes before the movie time.

Please bring your EVENTBRITE TICKET on the day.

Here is a “sneak-peak” of the movie!!
「The Last Samurai」
Capt. Nathan Algren (Tom Cruise) is an American military officer hired by the Emperor of Japan to train the country’s first army in the art of modern warfare. As the government attempts to eradicate the ancient Samurai warrior class in preparation for more Westernized and trade-friendly policies, Algren finds himself unexpectedly affected by his encounters with the Samurai, which places him at the center of a struggle between two eras and two worlds.

Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=T50_qHEOahQ

Need to Know:

– Guests are welcome to bring their own food and drinks.
– Guests must arrive at least 15 minutes before the stated film time to avoid delays.
– All sales are final, nonrefundable and nontransferable.
– For any ticketing inquiries, please contact su.ie1508311524muhs@1508311524doowy1508311524lloh1508311524
– Your ticket is only valid for your selected screening.
– By purchasing tickets to this event you agree to become a “Friend of Shumei”, which gives us your permission to contact you by email with information about future Shumei activities and events .

Shumei America Hollywood Center
7406 Franklin Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90046
(323) 876-5528
(3 blocks west of La Brea Ave., 1 block north of Hollywood Blvd.)