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The Sunday evening banquet for Shumei America National Center’s 25th Anniversary is now SOLD OUT!! Tickets are no longer available for purchase.

The Sunday evening banquet for Shumei America National Center’s 25th Anniversary is now SOLD OUT!! Tickets are no longer available for purchase.
If you wish to be placed on the wait list for the banquet, please contact Sandy at 626-584-8841.


Congratulations to Remi and Zoubeida Zajac on winning THREE awards including Best of Class for their Natural Agriculture wines at the 2017 Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition!

Congratulations to Remi and Zoubeida Zajac on winning THREE awards including Best of Class for their Natural Agriculture wines at the 2017 Mendocino County Fair Wine Competition!
Check out their accomplishments here:

A 2015 Powicana Wine set is one of several special gifts you can receive by donating $1,000 or more to Shumei America’s 2017 Fundraiser!
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There are less than two weeks to take advantage of 25th Anniversary banquet Early Bird pricing! This year’s banquet features a very special dinner by Chaya’s Chef Joji Inouye using Natural Agriculture ingredients.

There are less than two weeks to take advantage of 25th Anniversary banquet Early Bird pricing! This year’s banquet features a very special dinner by Chaya’s Chef Joji Inouye using Natural Agriculture ingredients.
For details and to purchase tickets:


Seeds of the Future

Running Time: 23 min.
Seven years ago, I was living what we would call a “successful” life. I had an apartment on the ocean, luxury car, traveling in style. Still today I am a well-known manager at Microsoft with a title, six-figure salary, work from home and responsible for a team who generates $3B a year.
I had everything I was told we should desire, a good job a lot of money but I found myself depressed and lonely. What I thought I needed to be happy actually made me feel more alone and disconnected. My life was missing purpose, passion and meaning. I knew in my heart this was not the life for me. After being offered another promotion at Microsoft, I turned it down and took an easier less paid job for a year to study alternative medicine. I uprooted my life and knew I wanted to study holistic health. The day after I made the decision I sat next to a random girl who happened to be going to one of the only schools with an Alternative medical program. Short after starting the program I found Shumei and knew from the moment of watching the introduction video that this was the direction I needed to go to complement my journey. As surely as I knew my career at Microsoft wasn’t my end destination, I knew Shumei was the answer to help me get there.
For the next years, I searched for clarity of my purpose and knew I was here to help people I just didn’t know what. While working full time, I attended the university at night studying natural approaches to health, weekends I studied Neurolinguistics or the science of the mind and learned how to manage my personal energy. With all these new tools and practices I started to gain clarity on what I was supposed to do. What also became clear to me was my career at Microsoft wasn’t a waste as I thought but part of my learning that I needed for my future.
It was my best teacher preparing me for what was to come. As I looked back I saw how perfectly all my experiences had a purpose. Selling computers in best buy taught me what people look for in technology, waitressing in a restaurant taught me how to manage time and people. When I started to see how perfectly every job and person played a part , I accepted where I was and I saw a positive shift in my life. Work now seemed so easy and fun. I tell people I love my job, Microsoft is paying me to learn.
When I changed my attitude knowing that my purpose was on its way – but I still needed to be a student, everything around me improved. My focus used to be on money and success but now it is on learning and growing. And the funny thing is that when I stopped focusing on getting more money and instead how I can use this experience toward my purpose, I got more money and even better results. It became very clear to me that my purpose is aligned with my passions, talents and how I can use that to help other people.
With my studies in natural approaches to health a whole new world and passion opened up for me. I saw so many people affected by illness and felt a strong desire to help.
I know now more surely than ever my purpose was to bring these two passions, health and technology together to help others here on earth creating a brighter future. So today after the time I took to discover myself I can proudly say I am working on building my own software business that will help doctors better diagnose and treat patients using natural approaches called Holistic Health Diagnostics.
I want to share you what I have learned along this journey and how I have managed to get through some tough obstacles and how today I am living my dream doing something I love that will in the end up changing the way we look at our health and in turn changing our world for the better.
I know now, we cannot make our dreams come true alone. We need each other. We need teachers and guidance and mostly we need to know in core who we are and what we are meant to do.
This is what I am here today to share with you and hope to be for you, a guide. I want you to see for yourself what you already have inside and how you have the ability to do anything you want and make it a reality . All you have to do is let go of what is stopping you and allow for nature to take its course.
What really is nature? Nature starts with a seed.
Seeds have all the knowledge and everything it needs to grow. A seed only needs to be nourished, it needs light and grounding.
As far as we can tell nothing in nature questions its path. An apple seed does not become a pumpkin and a pumpkin seed does not become an orange. A tiny acorn with no apparent power to think or make plans for its future, simply progresses in harmony from an energy field of intention. We too are intended from the energy of this field which is the same energy of God.
This Source energy, intention, is pure unbounded energy vibrating so fast it defies measurement.
It arranges the forces in the universe to support our desires. We are seeds of this divine energy and possess the power to have a life filled with love, joy, friends, material possession and whatever we want.
Even today, scientists agree everything in the universe is not what they used think is dark matter but actually made of this invisible energy field.
This energy is here, now and available to you. When you activate it, you’ll begin to feel purpose in your life and you’ll be guided by it.
A piece of this pure energy was given to you when you were born and it is your choice on what you do with it. You can cloud it or you can nourish it and allow it to grow.
Today I am going to show you how you can use this source energy to fulfill your purpose.
You will learn to see, feel and use your energy to remove things that may have stopped you in the past and use it to attract what you need to make your purpose and dreams come true.
This is what I love about Shumei and what Shumei has done for me. It is in alignment with this deeper understanding of how we work. After beginning Shumei I started to get more clarity of this energy inside me and how I can use it to help others and my own benefit. All that I tell you today will have even stronger significance for you because you have already been exposed in your experience with Shumei.
You may be asking…. .so if I already have this experience why haven’t I been able to see it in my everyday life?
Well first lets go into what has been stopping you.
Why don’t we feel this burning purpose, desire and connection from the day we are born until today?
We have been conditions by society allowing the ego to dominate.
Our ego was given to us as part of our human species to help us run from danger. If a tiger chases us it triggers and we run. This is the part of the brain located where these our automatic responses happen. Over time what we have actually done with it is evolved those responses to be conditioned responses creating our individual ego or a type entity that lives in us that is part of us but separate from this source energy.
I think of it as the little green alien guy in Flintstones who was on the shoulder of Fred telling him what to do or think.
Ego is what we made up about who and what we are. This is what your Ego looks like
I need possessions to feel important.
It is very important what others think of me.
I need to prove to people I am good enough.
I am separate from everyone.
By allowing your ego to dominate your life, you have deactivated your power of intention and disconnected from this source of energy.
I did this in my early life allowing my ego to dominate telling me I need money to be secure, I need a good career to get money. My ego however did have its purpose. It gave me the drive and determination to get through school BUT the hard way. When I was 18, it was my first day of the university. I didn’t have a car or my parents support living on my own. Knowing I only had me, I was determined that my only way to be secure was to study hard and get a good job. I arrived to the university on a paid scholarship with two garbage bags in a taxi ready to move into campus. I saw other parents with their children and I was all alone. Unable to carry my own things a couple of parents helped me carry two black garbage bags of clothes from the taxi. Right there I felt like crying feeling so alone and touched by kindness at the same time. What I didn’t know was my ego was dominating my life pushing me to get money and security that I later realized didn’t make me happy. But at the same time I am thankful to my ego as it was part of my learning process.
What I learned the hard way- is that you actually have a choice – to instead – give up this ego ONLY by simply by recognizing when it appears. When you notice a thought that arises that is part of your ego like judgement, negativity, complaints, and you can just let it go. Don’t make yourself wrong or bad for thinking from your ego, just know that it is not who you truly are but this little green alien that lives in you.
For years I judged myself for my mistakes and misdirection blaming my parents for their lack of support or the system or anything I thought made life harder. All the blame and judgement didn’t bring any benefit and now I realize when I see this little green alien thinking in my head I just push the mute button like on a remote and stop listening to it.
Your egos are probably lighting up right now and haven’t noticed it yet…whether its judging what I am telling you, trying to prove something about yourself or blaming someone. Just take a moment now and try to notice your ego in action in your mind. What did your ego tell you when you looked into the mirror this morning? Mine told me don’t worry you look better with some make up.
It could look like I am not good enough, I need something or someone to be happy, I need to have a great job to be successful, I need other people to like me.
When you start to catch your ego in action and notice these inauthentic thoughts that run through your head all day – and when you do it will automatically stop happening as frequently – just by noticing when it happens.
I am going to share with you something that took some time for me to realize and that still have to practice every day, the key to not allowing your ego to dominate your thoughts- presence!
Presence is the deep awareness of everything around you. It is a silence underneath the sounds, your thoughts; it is the door that opens when you quiet your mind.
Let’s think about energy again…
Everything starts as an idea or thought which is actually your mental energy – which acts like a currency that you have to attract what you desire. If you scan your brain while asking questions, neurologists have found a way where you can see which part of the brain your thoughts are coming from. They see this energy lighting up. I think of it as your main computer processor that gives directions.
What scientists have discovered is that we have as many connections in our brain as there are stars in the universe. Our brains are actually mini universes capable of anything – and the best thing is we have to power to do what we want with it.
We are going experience today how we can actually in a way program our computers to transfer this source energy into physical energy in whatever form you want it to be.
BUT you must first understand to turn this power on you and transfer this energy into the physical world, YOU need to be present in the physical world first.
Your body is your personal “here and now”. If you’re not present in your body, your impact in the world is weak – even if your mind & your ideas are strong.
As you become more present, you’ll feel calm & relaxed, clear & focused, with more time and energy to make your ideas a reality. You will start to notice you can do less and get more .
You must be thinking WOW this sounds really complicated, I don’t know if I can do it. Well first just notice that is your ego’s thought and not you and let it go. Let’s try it now…let me help you get a glimpse of what you are capable of.
We are going to first learn to calm our mind and thoughts. After I am going to show you how you can feel the energy that runs through your body.
In order to move forward in life you have to clear away any blockages caused from your past. Whatever you have we will clear today. Just know that if it is something very deep in you, it may take practice to fully clean any old wounds.
Then finally I will help you visualize and create a space for your dreams and show you how to transfer that cosmic energy from your mind into the physical world.
So let’s get into in now.
Sit back, relax, take a deep inhale and on your exhale breathe your eyes close and just let go of any thoughts in your mind and be with me now. Listen to my voice and allow everything else around you to dissolve.
First put a strong focus behind your eyes. Keep attention in the space behind your eyes. That’s good. Smile and feel the energy in your body. As you inhale draw your energy into your lungs as you exhale feel your energy fill your entire body.
Notice any thoughts in your mind and just allow them leave your mind keeping your attention behind your eyes.
Now connect your body to the earth by imagining your legs as roots of a tree. Imagine these roots growing and extending deep into the ground. Expand that grounding to the base of your spine. Feel it expanding to the width of your body. See your body as a tree rooting deeper into the ground connecting to earth where the energy starts to travel up – filling your legs, you abdomen, your arms all the way up to the top of your head.
Feel your presence getting stronger in your body. Feel your energy pulsing in your heart in your hands and your feet. Feel your awareness right behind your eyes. Notice any pain or tension in your body. Just release it – let it drop now into the ground. Notice any old energy – maybe memories or fears and give them permission to release down into the earth. Feel that change in the body.
Take a deep breath be aware of your body again and be really present behind your eyes, and give yourself permission to maintain this strong presence. Keep this same feeling with your eyes closed. Remember your breath again.
On your next inhale gently open your eyes.
Let’s use our senses fully. Be where you are. Look around. Just look, don’t interpret. See the light, shapes, colors, textures. Listen to the sounds; don’t judge them. Listen to the silence underneath the sounds.
Don’t interpret them or make them mean anything. They may not make sense or might make perfect sense. You may notice in the future something that may happen and then that image will make sense.
What you just did is increase your presence and connect yourself to this infinite source energy.
Think of your personal presence as a glass. When you have a strong presence your glass grows larger and you have more space to fill it with this source energy. When you have access to this source energy you will notice amazing things in your life with start to happen. You will feel a freedom and flow that will allow you to radiate your unique expression.
I am up here today giving a speech because I have found this presence and connection in my life. It give me
Before speaking in public was something that terrified me. I never did it. I took a communication course that made everyone speak in the audience of about 200 people. I tried to hide since I was always too scared. They found me and made me go up on stage and tell them what was stopping from going up there. So I did for the first time kept shaking, I turned red and even tears came down my eyes. I was terrified because my ego told me I wasn’t good enough. Today I by my awareness of presence I feel calm and free to speak in from of people. Keep practicing and you will notice
When you are present you will start to feel

  1. Engaged. Feel focused, interested, safe
  2. Effective, relaxed with plenty of time
  3. Get more done with less effort and time
  4. Aware. Sense others around you at a deeper level
  5. Powerful. Speaker, athlete, performer

You will notice you are coming out of presence when you have difficulty

  1. Focus and attention
  2. Small impact or influence around you
  3. Low productivity
  4. Impatience
  5. Sleep difficulties

When you notice yourself getting out of this state, simply use the tools from the workshop or today to get back into it. It is made up of two main components 1) grounding yourself to the earth. You can visualize a rope, a tree trunk a waterfall or even a beam of light. Choose whatever makes you feel more grounded. Use it to feel that solid strength in you and 2) putting a strong focus within you mind, not thinking but just being. This is when you go within and draw your energy back. Your mind puts a direct focus behind your eyes and clears your thoughts.
By doing this you are connecting your mind with the universal mind. Think of it like connecting to the internet and your mind has the ability to search a vast amount of information in just a few seconds. Additionally, when you connect to this energy and you are clear what you want – the universe will bring what you need to make it happen.
You have the unique opportunity to learn this today. Now it is your choice what you want to do with it.
So, let’s remember all that you learned today. You have this pure powerful energy available to you and learned you can transfer that energy into the physical world to make anything you want possible.
Remember it like the internet. Imagine it being like a cosmic google search engine that when you connect to it in just few seconds [depending on the strength of the connection of course] and on top of receiving information, you have a vast amount of this magical energy available to you waiting on your direction. Today you experienced a few tools on how to guide that energy with your thoughts. When you calm you mind and connect to earth and connecting yourself to this cosmic internet- YOU will have access to God’s energy and also start getting clarity on your purpose and how to use it to help others and in turn giving you abundance, happiness and joy.
When you walk out the door today you will feel this pure joy because we are together combining our energies in a very powerful way. Small groups of people headed toward one purpose is much stronger than thousands working separately. Remember this and make decisions to work with other people who share your ideas and beliefs. When we take action standing together to help society we are aligned with universe in the evolution of humankind and our soul. Because of this – the universe will arrange the forces to support our desires and cause.
“We are not human beings having a spiritual experience but spiritual beings having a human experience.”
Our experience in this life is to be the seeds or leaders of the future. You were born to give voice to your truth and unique purpose and as we do this we inspire connection to everyone around us and we light up – and the world lights with us.
I hope today you can now see for yourself your true potential and what you are meant to do together to positively influence humanity to give birth to pure happiness to everyone.


Jyorei: A Higher Perspective

Motives for Sharing Jyorei
Two types of people are drawn to Shumei: Those who want to be healed and those who want to heal. The main difference between them is their motives. One is concerned with receiving and the other with giving. The second motive is a more evolved because it is not solely centered on the self. Instead, it is concerned on others. However, this does not mean that those who come to Jyorei to be healed have a lower motivation. A person can be both spiritually advanced and still need healing, and those who first seek healing for themselves often pass on what they have received. We hope that those who come to Shumei to be healed eventually want to heal others; that the motive to receive evolves into a universal motive to heal all in need. I suggest here that the motive to help others is of a higher nature.

The motive to heal others can be subdivided in two: the desire to help friends and family; and the desire to help all, including those one does not know and even those one does not like. From a spiritual perspective, the desire to help all people is the higher of the two motivations because it is unconditional. To care for the well-being of others we barely know or do not know at all is all-inclusive, and is a hallmark of Shumei’s mission.

Unconditional giving is about ‘we,’ not just ‘I’ or ‘us’ versus ‘them.’ This feeling of ‘we’ comes from the realization that we are essentially all One. By giving unconditionally, we serve the greater good beyond social division and narrow self-interest. The desire to help everyone everywhere is the highest motive for sharing Jyorei.

Why should we help everyone? Meishusama tells us that spiritual cords1 interconnect us all. Ecologists say that all creatures are interconnected with those in their physical environment. If an ecologist wants to study a rabbit, fox, or owl, he or she needs to know about the climate, terrain, plants, and trees in the creature’s environment, what food it eats and what threatens it. Ecologists need to know all this because the creature’s identity is reflected in its behavior, and its behavior is determined by its environment. Nothing exists in isolation.

To understand people, one needs to know not just how they think and feel, but also how they live. One needs to know about their family and friends, about their job, their religious and political affiliations, their ethnicity, and their lifestyle. All of these things are part of who they are. We are not separate beings encased within our physical bodies. We express ourselves within our environment and our environment expresses itself through us. Everything affects everything else.

We are all part of one life. But deeper than that, we are all one at the highest level of being, on the level of Spirit. What does it mean to be one on the level of Spirit? It means that within each of us there is the presence of God. We all have a divine spirit. It is a pure being, formless, changeless, and invisible. Actually, there is only one spirit looking from each of our two eyes and listening from our two ears. Why only one? Because that which is formless has no boundaries to separate itself from anyone or anything else. Only forms have boundaries. So, on the level of spirit, we are all one. And the more we evolve spiritually, the more we can perceive this.

What prevents us from seeing this Oneness? According to Meishusama, the answer is spiritual clouds. What are spiritual clouds? They are the impurities of selfishness, negativity, and ignorance. These clouds narrow our awareness. They keep us from seeing things correctly. Fortunately, the Light of Jyorei purifies and dissolves them.

When we begin to perceive spirit in others, we begin to feel a profound connection with them. One feels that, deep down, the person one is looking at is no different from oneself. This causes one to care about the other. One’s happiness becomes the other’s happiness, one’s sorrow becomes the other’s sorrow.

This spiritual perception is the basis of compassion and the underlying motive for sharing Jyorei. We want to relieve the suffering of others because we see ourselves in them. Their sorrow diminishes our own well-being.

Serving Others and Serving God
Happiness wants to be expressed. So when happy, we naturally want to share it with others. Sharing happiness does not diminish it any more than the lighting of many candles diminishes the brightness of the original flame. Each newly lit candle only makes the room that much brighter. Similarly, happiness does not diminish by being shared; instead, it grows. And the more we evolve spiritually, the more our motivation to help others grows.

Traditional wisdom claims that the highest of all motives is to serve God. But how can we serve God if God is all-powerful, all knowing, and equally present everywhere? Does God lack anything? Does God need to be served?

Meishusama used the term ‘Miroku Omikami,’ when referring to God as both the Creator and the Created. It means that God is both everything and also beyond everything, both form and formlessness, both spirit and matter. As pure spirit, God is formless and unchanging. But as all things, as form, God is constantly changing and evolving. God as pure spirit does not need anything, but as the evolving Cosmos, God does. Thus, the best way to serve God is to help the world evolve. By doing so, we help God evolve and become more conscious of Him through us. This is also what we do when we love and care for others. This is precisely what we do when we share Jyorei.

To be conscious of ourselves, we need to see ourselves. We need a mirror. Each of us functions as a mirror for others and they, in turn, function as mirrors for us. They reflect our behavior by their responses, and these responses help us be more self-aware. Could it be that God became the world to create a reflection by which to become Self-aware?

It might be that we are the eyes of God. The more conscious we become, the more conscious God becomes. The closer we come to God, the closer God comes to the mirror that is us.

Although we may all share God on the inside, most of us do not consciously know God. Nonetheless, everyone serves God as a mirror, although only some do so consciously. At the highest level, there is no separation between God and us, but we need to refine and awaken our consciousness before we can actually see or feel this. This is what Jyorei helps us to do. And this is what Meishusama did.

Unity and Duality
It could be said that an evolving universe is founded upon love, and that God wants both to love and be loved. In other words, instead of evolution seen as leading to greater consciousness, it can be seen as leading to greater love.

God is the source of all love. God is also the object of all love. An aspect of love is the desire to give and receive love. To love, one needs someone or something to direct love to. Perhaps, God created this divine play of life so that Oneness can share love with Itself.

God functions as both the knower and as the object that is known. There is God and then there is God’s Creation. This sounds like two different entities, yet everything is one undivided reality. This divine mystery is integral to what Meishusama calls ‘Miroku Omikami,’ the all encompassing presence of God. Essentially, the concept of Miroku Omikami implies that God becomes the world while still remaining beyond it.

The coexistence of form and formlessness can be understood by going back to the analogy of a mirror and the object it reflects. The very formlessness of a mirror’s surface allows forms to be reflected on it, and the clearer the mirror’s surface, the sharper the reflection. Formlessness reveals form: form reveals formlessness. And for us to perceive the world accurately, our consciousness must also be clear. Clarity is an essential quality of spirit because clarity reveals form.

Imagine a horizontal line separating God from us, God above, us below. From God’s perspective, there is only One undivided reality. But from our perspective there is only multiplicity. Looking around, we see many objects and feel that we ourselves are also objects. With our limited minds, we can only see separation, whereas God, who is beyond the mind, sees unity. Although God sees all of the details of the world, this does not interfere with the perception of unity. There are two ways of seeing reality: the higher and the lower, the divine and the human.

The more we, from the perspective of multiple forms, see divine unity, the more peace and harmony there is in the world, and the better things work. The perception of unity is also a realization of love. When we recognize the divinity within others, we cannot help but love them. Love overcomes differences because it sees beyond them.

So, we want to move towards a greater sense of unity, toward understanding that the parts affect the whole and the whole affects the parts, understanding that when we help others, we help the whole world. Each time we treat another with kindness, we raise the world to a higher level. This is what happens when we share Jyorei.

Jyorei and God
As to salvation, I will make it perfectly clear that humans, by themselves, cannot bring about true spiritual salvation. God does this. Humans are His mere instruments.
—Meishusama, Kannon’s Way, “Judge Not”

To be God’s instrument is a great blessing. God is using each of our hands to give Jyorei. The fingers of each hand represent separate individuals, and the entire hand represents all of us united with God. Another way of saying this is that God gives Jyorei through us. This is a higher way of viewing Jyorei.

Beyond that, not only is God the giver, ultimately God is the receiver as well. The Divine is giving Jyorei to the Divine through us, by us, and to us.

So, when one gives Jyorei, one can envision God sharing Jyorei. One can visualize God using one’s hands to give Jyorei or imagining Kannon2 or Meishusama doing this. This view raises our perspective on Jyorei to a higher level. It is important to remember that we are conduits for the Light. The energy simply moves through us. We are not really the givers—God is. We are not really the receivers—God is. So, when sharing Jyorei, it is important to discard our egos, our sense of being independent agents of action. It is enough to appreciate the miracles that God is performing through our hands.

Giving Jyorei is not about us. It is about serving the greater good.

Jyorei and Attachment

There are two things one can do when sharing Jyorei to gain more from the experience. One is to focus on the higher perspective, realizing God is doing everything through us. The other is to simply focus on gratitude, leaving the rest to God.

By contrast, wanting the person to feel better is a form of attachment. This often happens to us when giving Jyorei to someone close. Do not focus on a particular outcome. Instead, trust God to do what is best. God always knows better. If one tries to make things happen in a particular way, one is probably interfering with the process. It is better to let go and allow God take care of the details.

Love and Gratitude

Gratitude has no agenda. It is not goal-oriented and does not trying to change anything. Gratitude is a form of acceptance.

When focusing on gratitude, there is no need to know what is going on with the person receiving Jyorei. We do not need to think about how that person should be healed. We do not have to think, “This person needs to get better.” All we need to do is focus on being grateful for being able to share Light. When we are grateful, our hearts open and more Light passes through us.

Oftentimes, people feel Jyorei working on their heart, even though we do not direct it toward their heart. As you may know, we direct Jyorei only to the forehead and to the crown of the head. The Light of Jyorei not only quiets the mind, but also opens the heart. And when the heart opens, love is felt. And love and gratitude allow more Light to pass through us.

Love and gratitude are two pillars of Meishusama’s teachings. They support Jyorei and are also enhanced by Jyorei. So, when sharing Jyorei, try focusing on love and gratitude. Then allow the Light to pass through you like sunrays through a clear window.

Balance and Harmony

There are two approaches to Jyorei. One tries to cast the ego aside and view things from a higher perspective. The other places everything in the hands of God. There should be no conflict between these two approaches. When sharing Jyorei, we need to do our best while simultaneously leaving the results to God. We should not feel that Jyorei depends entirely upon us or that it depends entirely upon God. Each approach, by itself, is one sided and incomplete. Each, if taken to extremes, causes problems. So, why not try to do both?

It is absolutely necessary for us to do everything we can with all our effort, while simultaneously trusting in God to do what is best.
–Meishusama, Kannon’s Way, “Maintaining Moderation”

The Kannon’s Way3 teachings of Meishusama stress the importance of finding balance and harmony. These two qualities are necessary not only in daily life, but also in giving of Jyorei. Let us not forget that it was Kannon who gave the power of Jyorei to Meishusama. And if balance and harmony are essential to Kannon, then why should they not be essential to us?

May Jyorei’s Light guide you to this balance and harmony.


The Path of Shumei

The Path of Shumei 

An Interview with Roy Gibbon conducted by Dr. Susan Allison 

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Susan Allison (USA) with Roy Gibbon (USA) 

What do light healing, Natural Agriculture and art have in common? Roy Gibbon, of the Educational Department at Shumei America’s National Center, explains their relationship and how these aspects of Shumei can benefit the average person. 

Mr. Gibbon also speaks about some of the history of Shumei, what selfless service entails, how anyone can learn how to give and receive Jyorei, and how you can become involved in Shumei practices. 

Dr. Susan Allison has a doctorate in transpersonal psychology and maintains a private practice in Santa Cruz, California. An ordained and licensed interfaith minister, she is the author of three books: Conscious Divorce, Ending a Marriage with Integrity; Breathing Room; and Empowered Healer, Gain the Confidence, Power and Ability to Heal Yourself. She has been honored as a Woman of the Year in California for her counseling work. 

Roy Gibbon joined Shumei in November of 1993. He currently works in the Educational Department at Shumei America’s National Center in Pasadena, California. He is the coauthor with Atsushi Fujimaki of the book An Offering of Light: Healing with Jyorei, Natural Agriculture, and Art. Mr. Gibbon also teaches classes at various Shumei Centers.

Dr. Allison conducted the following interview with Roy Gibbon during a radio broadcast of the Empowered Healer Show, which emanates from Santa Cruz, California. The Empowered Healer Show addresses the physical, emotional, spiritual, and planetary issues that need healing in people’s individual and collective lives. The program’s guests talk about issues of healing and present their perspectives and possible solutions. 

The following interview took place on September 27, 2012. The text has been abridged and edited for use on the website. 

Susan Allison: I really am enjoying your book, Roy. An Offering of Light explains the teachings and the practices of Shumei. Could you define Shumei, its history, and philosophy. 

Roy Gibbon: Shumei is a Japanese word that means Supreme Light. Sharing this Light is at the core of Shumei. It is about directing spiritual Light toward people for their health and happiness. We call this practice Jyorei. 

The organization is based in Japan. Mokichi Okada, whose title is Meishusama, started Shumei. Meishusama means Master of Light. He introduced Jyorei in the early 1940s. After he passed away in 1955, the organization continued to grow. Now we have a number of centers around the United States and many more throughout the world. 

As well as Jyorei, we practice Natural Agriculture, which is a spiritual form of farming, and we also support the arts. We feel that beauty helps heal the soul. It elevates consciousness and promotes social harmony. Those are Shumei’s three main practices. 

S.A: I am interested in how Shumei came to the West. 

R.G: The first center established outside of Asia is in Hollywood. Sensei Eugene Imai—sensei means teacher—came to Southern California in the late 70s. The original center is still there. It’s a beautiful, old mansion in the Hollywood foothills. It has a huge backyard in where we have a model Natural Agriculture garden. Sensei Imai is now the director of Shumei America. 

One of the things we emphasize in Natural Agriculture gardens is beauty. We grow flowers along with vegetables because we believe the consciousness of people working the land affects the quality of the food that’s grown there. Natural Agriculture is also a spiritual practice in which the farmer or gardener focuses on love and gratitude. 

S.A: If you have a field or a backyard, how you start practicing Natural Agriculture—and how you keep those pesky little bugs from eating your tomatoes? 

R.G: Before getting into techniques, I will give you an overview. We call Natural Agriculture a spiritual practice is because we believe all of nature is conscious, intelligent, and sensitive. The plants, the soil, the rocks, insects, air, and the water all have a consciousness. Because of that, our consciousness can interact with them. So, if a farmer is growing plants with love, the plants will do better, the soil will improve, and even the water will change for the better. 

We don’t believe in dominating nature, as conventional farming does with chemicals and genetically modified organisms. They force the soil to grow whatever they want, irrespective of the type of plant or condition of the soil. And the consequence is toxic. 

Overall, Natural Agriculture is closer to organic farming than conventional farming—with some major distinctions. Organic farming usually replaces the nutrients in the soil that they believe the plants are extracting. So, as a plant grows it is thought to take minerals out of the soil, nutrients that must be put back. But those who practice Natural Agriculture feel this is not right. We believe that the soil, under the right conditions, will naturally rejuvenate itself without the need for that kind of interjection. For instance, the jungles in the Amazon have been growing for thousands of years and there aren’t farmers over there adding rock dust, compost, and what–have–you to its soil. In the same sense, we believe that if we take care of the soil correctly and give it love—you might say that love is our fertilizer—the soil will rejuvenate itself. Also, if we cover the soil with leaves and grass from the immediate vicinity, that will help keep the soil soft, moist, and warm. Or if it’s a really hot climate, it will help keep the soil soft, moist, and cool. Compost is natural mulch encourages the growth of microorganisms, worms, and healthy yeasts that are the foundation of the soil. 

S.A: I love the feeling of knowing that there are spirits in all things. It’s parallel to our own Native American beliefs and teachings here in this country. 

R.G: Its part of the Shinto culture as well. 

S.A: A lot of indigenous peoples had this belief and connection to the land, and also love and respect. That is what I’m hearing from you, this respect for nature. 

R.G: Alan Wattssaid that a perfect symbol for the twentieth century would be the bulldozer. We use the bulldozer to level mountains, level valleys and generally dominate nature. But we can only get away with that for so long. 

S.A: We are also bulldozing our way through the twenty–first century by being too aggressive and competitive. 

R.G: We encourage a gentle, cooperative approach to life— not just in the garden, but in everyone and everything. 

Imagine a farmer focusing on gratitude and developing a loving relationship with plants. Now imagine doing that day after day, year after year. That will change a person. And if you’re not dominating the plants, but looking and listening to what’s going on in the garden, and cooperating with it, that also will spill into your relationships with other people. 

S.A: Jyorei is an essential part of Shumei. What are its origins and how is it given? 

R.G: The person giving Jyorei conducts energy from beyond themselves, from the Spirit. As Jyorei givers, we are just the conduits for this energy. Jyorei’s purifying energy detoxifies the body and purifies the blood. It strengthens the immune system, calms the mind, and balances the emotions. 

We don’t charge for Jyorei, it’s a gift from God. It’s not faith healing; you don’t need to have faith or believe in it for it to work. You can give Jyorei to kids, infants, and to people who are unconscious. You can give it to plants or animals. 

S.A: I saw a picture in your book of people in chairs. The person giving Jyorei held an arm out and sent Divine Light from the palm of the hand to the person in the opposite chair. If they got tired, they switched hands. Is that accurate? 

R.G: We should be relaxed when giving Jyorei. So if our arm gets tired we switch hands. Jyorei is very simple. We direct energy just to the forehead and the top of the head. The idea is that the forehead, or third eye, is very receptive to Light, and the top of the head, or crown chakra, is our most direct connection to the Divine. 

Jyorei’s Light is a conscious, intelligent energy. The Light knows where to go and what to do. So the Jyorei giver simply has to get out of the way and allow the Light to do its work. 

S.A: I love that, because it’s about getting out of the way and realizing that divine intelligence knows where to send the Light. 

R.G: Yes. We also recognize that we’re not the doer, we’re just a conduit for the energy. 

S.A: Can anyone be trained to give Jyorei? 

R.G: Yes, although training may not be the right word. Because giving Jyorei is very simple, it doesn’t need elaborate training. We just raise our hands and direct the Light. 

To give Jyorei, one goes through an initiation. We get an ohikari, which is a cloth pendant that we wear. The ohikari acts like a lens that focuses the energy so that we can convey it to others. Probably the key thing with Jyorei is our motive. Why do we want to share Light? We do not charge money for it. There’s no real status involved. We are not Jyorei masters or anything like that. The reason a person shares Jyorei is to help others and bring Light into the world. 

Fortunately, when we are directing this energy, it moves through us, the giver, on its way to the receiver. So we benefit from that Light as it comes through us. As Jesus said, “It is more blessed to give than to receive.” 

S.A: Could you talk a little about hoshi? 

R.G: There are two motives that draw people to Shumei: one is a need to be healed; the other a desire to heal others. We hope that those who come for healing eventually will come to help others. It’s what the Buddhists call the Bodhisattva Ideal, which means that one benefits most from helping others. We call it hoshi, which in Japanese means service. Anything we do to be of service, whether for the world or for friends and family, or for supporting Shumei’s mission, these are all forms of hoshi. It could be something as simple as sweeping the floor, stuffing envelopes, or helping in the garden—it’s all hoshi. Being of service is a spiritual practice. You could look at it from a higher perspective and say that you are really serving God, serving God by serving the world. 

S.A: It doesn’t have to be some grand thing we do in the world. It could be a small act of kindness. Selfless service could be something others might perceive as very small. 

R.G: Somebody might be cold or rude. But that person might be going through a very difficult time and that’s the best they can do. For us to be kind, and give them a smile can be a powerful form of service. If we give that person the benefit of a doubt and assume he or she doesn’t really want to be cold or rude, just that frame of mind is a form of hoshi. 

S.A: It’s so important for us to not assume something about anybody, really. 

R.G: We should try to see the good in others, or, on a deeper level, to see God in others. As we open our mind and our connection to God, those perceptions will be more likely. 

S.A: How you would define Light? 

R.G: When we get to higher truths, we enter a realm beyond words. For example, what is consciousness? We know what it is because it is a direct and immediate part of our experience. Yet, we are unable to define it. The same is true with the word Light. Of course, we know that physical light is made up of zillions of photons. Going deeper, we see it as waves of energy not particles. 

We know about things because we experience things, but we don’t know what anything is at its core. We don’t know what electricity is, only how it operates. Nor do we know what light is. The same is true for Spiritual Light. It exists at the border between form and formlessness. It affects the physical world but is not of it. The Old Testament book of Genesis tells us that in the beginning there was Light. In the New Testament’s Gospel according of St. John, John calls the Light at the beginning of the world the Word or the Logos. Some say Logos is Jesus or God, others that it is Intelligence. 

This Light from God, or Source, is like the light from a flame. Light is one of the properties of fire, as is heat. At first the light is part of the fire, but after radiating from the fire, it is no longer considered part of the fire. The same goes for Jyorei in relation to God. The Light of Jyorei can be considered as part of Divinity or as an independent phenomenon, similar to how a photon can be considered as either a particle or a wave, depending on the how one views it. 

Spiritual Light is experienced both objectively and subjectively. It is at the core of who we are. Spiritual Light is the first expression of God. The more we connect with this Light, the more we align with its beauty, harmony, and tranquility. This Light is both healing and inspiring. That Jyorei focuses God’s Light, gives it incredible power. 

S.A: How does one become a member of Shumei? 

R.G: A good place to start would be to attend one of our Sampais, where people chant and exchange Jyorei. There is no obligation and no charge. You don’t have to join Shumei to go to a Center to receive Jyorei or attend Sampai. 

If a person wants to become a member and share Jyorei with others that person needs to take a few classes and get an Ohikari.  One can go to the visit page to see where all the different centers are. 

Editor’s Note: For information about acquiring An Offering of Light: Healing with Jyorei, Natural Agriculture, and Art, please contact us by E–mail at su.ie1539742173muhs@1539742173ofni1539742173">su.ie1539742173muhs@1539742173ofni1539742173

or by phone at 1 (626) 584–8841 between 9:00 AM and 6:00 PM (P.S.T., USA). You might also check with your local Shumei Center for copies. 

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How to Feel Jyorei

Recently, someone asked how one could consciously feel the energy of Jyorei. Fortunately, I did not have to answer at that moment. So, I had time to give it some thought. First, I started with the premise that Jyorei is Light. Not tangible light that we can actually sense in the world around us, but spiritual Light. Although Jyorei is not physical, its effect can be felt in the body and sometimes seen with the eyes or heard with the ears. But mostly it is felt with the heart. By ‘heart’ I mean that part of us that is sensitive and vulnerable, gives, and receives love. The heart is that part of us that connects with others and appreciates the world around us.

Upon further reflection, I realized that people new to Jyorei usually have one of three responses after receiving Jyorei: One might comment on how powerful the energy is; Another, with a shrug of the shoulders, might say nothing was felt at all; Yet another might confess the desire to have felt something when receiving Jyorei.

It might be worthwhile to ask: Is it necessary to feel Jyorei for it to work? I would like to say no, Jyorei works whether you feel it or not, just as good food nourishes you even though you do not feel it doing so. In fact, many have benefitted from Jyorei while fast asleep or in a coma. Therefore, the effect of Jyorei does not depend upon the awareness of the receiver. Jyorei transcends our personal limitations. An unfathomable mystery is at its core.

Nevertheless, I understand why people might wish to feel Jyorei. I myself would like to be able to feel it every time I receive it. Why? Because, that would add to the richness of the experience. Currently, I feel Jyorei most of the time, although often only subtly. So, I would not mind feeling Jyorei more intensely than usual. After all, since Jyorei is something I do every day, why not experience it to the fullest?

It is usual to doubt whether something works when it cannot be seen or felt. In the case of nuclear radiation, such skepticism can be deadly if it causes negligence. Love also cannot be perceived by the senses, yet without it our lives feel empty and desolate.

When one experiences physical sensations while receiving Jyorei, it confirms in the mind of that person that something is actually happening. It removes any doubts that one might be deluding oneself. Otherwise, one is only left with faith. Faith is okay, but something tangible is better. This is especially important for people new to Jyorei, many of whom rely upon secondhand testimonials for evidence rather than direct experience. Everyone needs encouragement while pursuing a spiritual practice. That is why, for some, it is important to feel Jyorei. It is encouraging. Of course, if they are tenacious enough to stick with receiving Jyorei regularly, they will begin to notice its beneficial effects. They will realize better health, more happiness, and good fortune, whether they feel the effects of Jyorei while receiving it or not.

But even if you do not feel Jyorei, how do you know that it does not feel you? How do you know that the energy of Jyorei cannot sense what is going on within you? What if the energy of Jyorei is actually conscious and aware?

I find this idea amusing, rather than disconcerting, the idea that the energy of Jyorei consciously explores those that receive it. That would imply that Jyorei is a person. As you know, Jyorei is not a person. It is an impersonal but intelligent energy that knows where to go and what to do. This is why we do not need to control Jyorei while giving it. Instead, we trust divine intelligence to handle the healing for us. All we need to do, as Jyorei givers, is get out of the way and allow the Light to work.

…human beings do not have the power to perform even a single miracle; only God can perform miracles. –Meishusama, “Religion is Inseparable from Miracles,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 15

Jyorei is not energy that can be perceived such as gamma rays or x-rays, but divine energy. It comes from God, and God is all knowing and unknowable.

…the true nature of Spirit is the fundamental source of all energy and the directing power behind the creation, movements, activities, and changes of every single thing in this infinite universe. –Meishusama, “Natural Power,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 71

Jyorei is a direct expression of God. It contains God’s presence. Therefore, it is conscious and intelligent energy. That is why Jyorei can feel you, even though you might not feel it.

So, how can we be more effective when giving and receiving Jyorei? By emulating God and being more conscious and aware. This means to become inwardly silent, free of wandering thoughts and inner distractions. To be most effective when sharing Jyorei, we need to get out of our heads and into our hearts. We need to quiet our minds and pay attention to our immediate experience.

To be effective at Jyorei is to become a clear lens that does not interfere with the Light. It does not mean that we control or manipulate the Light, but rather allow it to pass through us unobstructed. God is the true giver of Jyorei, not us. The same is true for Jyorei receivers. The more open they are, the better the results.

One of the easiest ways to quiet the mind is to pay attention to the body. This is also one of the best ways to prepare for feeling Jyorei, at least at first. Later, one might want to expand ones attention beyond the body to the aura surrounding it. But at first, start with the body.

Is there any tightness or tension anywhere? Does the body feel light or heavy? Notice the quality of your breath. Is it deep or shallow? Is it fast and restless, or calm and steady? How does your skin feel? Is it hot, cold, tight, itchy, or sore? How about your mood? Do you feel anxious, irritated, impatient, or depressed, or do you feel peaceful and content? Are you dwelling on the past or talking to someone in your mind? Do you want to be elsewhere? Are you compulsively seeking something in the future? All of these things pull us away from the immediate experience and keep us from feeling Jyorei.

Begin by relaxing your body, especially the joints. Consciously let go of any tension and tightness wherever you find it. Allow your breath to settle into your abdomen. Do not force any of this, just allow it to happen. Let go of issues with the past and agendas for the future. Just relax. Settle into the here and now, where all Jyorei experience occurs. Keep your attention focused on the body and on the breath. However, rather than focusing on any one particular spot or condition, expand your awareness to encompass the entire body, and eventually the area immediately surrounding it.

The space surrounding the body contains the aura, the invisible energy matrix that supports the life of the physical body. The aura is the outer reflection of the soul, which is the core of individuality. According to Meishusama, the soul is the first thing Jyorei works on.

…Jyorei bathes the soul in Divine Light and instantaneously awakens the spirit.
–Meishusama, “The End of Suffering,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 19

From the soul, the energy then moves to the aura, mind, emotions, and body, although not necessarily in that order.

It is a basic and true rule of the universe that auras cannot be seen by the eyes of ordinary people, but there are occasionally those who have this ability to see them. However, if an ordinary person stills his mind and gazes intently at another person, he can, to a limited extent, perceive this person’s aura.
–Meishusama, “Spiritual Radiation and the Aura,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 176

The aura is perceived not by thinking but by seeing and feeling. If you expand your awareness to the area surrounding the body, you may eventually feel sensations there. At first, these feelings will probably be quite subtle, but with persistence, these sensations might become more pronounced. To be successful, you need to continually bring your attention back into the present whenever it strays to the past or future. You also need to let go of any impulse to escape your immediate experience. Remember, you can only feel what is happening right now, not what has happened or may happen later.

The mind categorizes experience, analyzes patterns, and plans for the future, but it cannot directly experience. The mind is an abstract intermediary between ourselves and our experience. The mind is a useful tool, but it is the wrong tool for feeling energy.

One feels Jyorei, not by thinking but by feeling. This makes prefect sense, does it not? To feel, one must feel—not think. We need to pay attention to the feelings and sensations that arise within us during Jyorei if we wish to increase our sensitivity to it.

It is important to understand that we feel not only with our nerve endings, but with our hearts as well. Did you know that more than half of the heart is actually composed of neurons of the very same nature as those of the brain? The heart also produces a much larger magnetic field than the brain. Many psychophysiologists consider the heart to be more an organ of intelligence than a mere pumping device for the blood. Some even regard it as our primary organ of intelligence.

The heart has its own wisdom. In fact, many ancient cultures, including Native Americans, felt that human consciousness was centered in the heart, not in the head, contrary to what most modern people currently believe.

This is why, within Shumei, we recommend that one focus on love and gratitude when giving and receiving Jyorei. By doing so, we connect with others through our heart rather than our mind. Much of spiritual growth is about purifying the heart. As we purify the heart, not only will we become more sensitive to Light, but also become more sensitive to the needs of others, to beauty, to nature, and to God. The heart is the key to feeling love.

When you give Jyorei to someone, always keep your heart aligned with God’s love. If you do so, good results will surely follow.
–Meishusama, “Being Daijo,” Kannon’s Way

Another thing I notice regarding peoples’ experiences of Jyorei is that some feel Jyorei at the beginning, but over time feel it less. Whereas others do not feel anything at first, but later feel it more.

Regarding this, a distinction should be made between feeling the purifying effects of Jyorei and feeling its energy. Sometimes, people new to Jyorei feel unpleasant phenomenon, such as heat, pressure, itchiness, nausea, or sleepiness when receiving Jyorei. This can be attributed to the release of physical, mental, and spiritual impurities from within them. Meishusama calls these impurities ‘spiritual clouds.’ They are directly or indirectly the main cause of sickness and suffering. Although Jyorei eliminates most clouds effortlessly and painlessly, sometimes this process can cause temporary discomfort. This is what Meishusama usually means by ‘purification.’ Such symptoms are the result of the energy, but are not the energy itself. Over time, as a person new to Jyorei becomes more purified, the discomfort diminishes and is replaced by pleasurable sensations.

The thing that we term, all too simply, ‘sickness’ is in fact a process of physical purification caused ultimately by the need to dispel the clouds accumulated on the human soul. 
–Meishusama, “Jyorei and Happiness,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 112

Actually, we tend not to experience Jyorei directly, but only its effects. This may be surprising, yet the same can be said of sunlight. Pure sunlight does not have a shape or texture of its own, so instead of looking at it directly, we tend to focus on the objects it lights up such as trees, cars, buildings, and people. Even with sunbeams, it is actually the reflections of light on dust particles and moisture that catches our attention rather than pure sunlight itself. But whereas sunlight can either nurture or burn, Jyorei always heals. It benefits body, mind, and spirit.

* The effects on the physical body include relaxation, comfort, and lightness.

* The effects on the mind include serenity, love, and joy.

* The effects on the spirit include clarity, expansiveness, and insight.

People new to Jyorei are more likely to experience the unpleasant effects of purification than those who have practiced Jyorei for many years. The latter are more likely to feel pleasant sensations than newcomers. This does not mean that those who feel discomfort are less spiritually evolved than those who feel pleasure. Nor does it mean that those who do not feel anything are less aware than those that feel something. It is not that simple. Sometimes discomfort is caused by the elimination of physical toxins, which has less to do with ones spiritual level than with those things that affect ones physical health, such as diet, exercise, and lifestyle. For example, a person could be spiritually evolved but physically ill because of physical toxins, malnutrition, or bodily injury. Or conversely, a person could seemingly be quite healthy, but selfish, hostile, and spiritually stunted. When receiving Jyorei, almost everyone occasionally experiences unpleasant feelings, although pleasure and joy are more common. Yet, generally, the more purified one is, especially spiritually, the more one has evolved on his or her spiritual path. The reason people practice Jyorei is to purify their souls and raise their consciousness.

According to Meishusama, our level of spiritual development can be determined best by not how we feel but how we behave.

There is a standard against which you can measure the extent of your spiritual progress and the pureness of your spirit, and it is not difficult. It is simply the degree to which you dislike strife, and the amount of gentleness and modesty that you show.”
–Meishusama, “Gentleness and Modesty,” Essential Teachings of Meishusama, page 145

Thus, symptoms of purification might not reflect ones spiritual level as much as ones gentleness, modesty, and loathing of conflict. Symptoms of purification only mirror our spiritual or physical toxicity.

When we share Jyorei we become brighter. Love functions in the same way. When we give love, we become more loving. Love and Light are two sides of the same coin. The more loving we are, the more Light is within us, and the more Light we share, the more loving we are. Jyorei is all about giving, because it is through giving that we are filled with Light.

If you want to be happy, you have to make others happy. What is absolutely essential is love.
–Meishusama, “The Izunome Principle and Love,” Kannon’s Way

When we share Jyorei, we partake in something greater than ourselves. We are, in a sense, operating as the hands of God helping to bring about Heaven on Earth.


How to Improve Your Jyorei Experience

Roy Gibbon: First, I would like to explain a little bit about how a Jyorei Intensive works and talk a bit about Jyorei. The idea of having a Jyorei Intensive is that, as you know, we usually do Jyorei for just five minutes. So, it’s very brief, but oftentimes more than enough. But it has been my experience that there are times when giving Jyorei for a long period has its own benefits as well.

How many of you have shared Jyorei at an Expo? I think it is great to attend a Jyorei booth at an Expo and give Jyorei all day long to many different people. When I do that the energy keeps building and building and I my spirit becomes highly elevated. This is a great way to contribute to the wellbeing of others.

So, when I asked how many people have given Jyorei at Expo booths most everybody here raised their hands. That’s great! Does anyone have anything to share about their experience giving lots of Jyorei at a one of those booths?

Matthew Weinsteiger: Yeah, it was fun.

Roy: And did it feel different in any way?

Matthew: I felt, as the day progressed, more energy, I felt more warmth in my hands. And just an overall sense of feeling really good, just from giving Jyorei all day.

Roy: So, the energy seemed to build up?

Matthew: Yeah it did. And the people just loved it, the people that came. I had a good time with that.

Roy: Have you ever noticed that when you feel Jyorei strongly it seems like the recipient does too? You can tell because they either make a comment or indicate it by making some kind of facial expression. That has been my experience.

Anyone else have any interesting experience of sharing Jyorei while at a Jyorei booth?

Kamila Schertel: I felt as I was giving more and more Jyorei, my energy was expanding, and my heart was really opening. There was such great communication with those who were receiving Jyorei, because it was something that we were sharing, and they could feel it too. Usually they are very grateful, and tell you what they felt, and what colors they saw.

Roy: So your heart was opening, and you felt your energy expanding? And you felt the communication between yourself and the other person. That is something special about Jyorei; it is a form of communication. Jyorei is a non–verbal form of communication from spirit to spirit bypassing words, bypassing our normal ways of communicating. You could say it is heart to heart communication.

Janna Storino: My experience has been that it sometimes depends on where you are. At least for me, the energy of the place makes a difference. Sometimes I feel it so strongly and the other person feels nothing, and sometimes I feel nothing, and the other person is crying. So, I have decided that it doesn’t matter really, what you feel.

Roy: That is a very important point. In my opinion, it is important to try to quiet your mind and open your heart when you give Jyorei. Jyorei will work no matter what, but I think we can help it to work better.

There are a number of factors that can influence Jyorei. One is how quiet your mind is, and how open your heart is. Another factor is the environment, as Janna mentioned. Still another is your relationship to the person receiving Jyorei. If you are very close to that person, it opens up an energetic pathway through spiritual cords.1 If many people share Jyorei at the same time, there is a cumulative effect. Like today in the Crestone Sanctuary when there were a lot of us there. To me, the Jyorei was very strong this morning, but I don’t know if it was because there were many people doing Jyorei together or because we are in this incredible place.2 I am excited to be here and I am in a good mood. And all of these factors are happening together.

I think we can give Jyorei even if we are tired or in a bad mood, but I like to bring my best to people when I give Jyorei. What I like to do is quiet my mind and open my heart. To do that, I try to focus on love and gratitude—especially love. To me, when my mind is quiet, it is like empty space in which the energy can move through without any blockages. And love is like a wave that carries Jyorei forward. That is the way I visualize it. When I do that and I really feel my heart opening up, oftentimes people have said, “Wow, the Jyorei was really strong today!”

Just last Friday this happened when I gave Jyorei to a person that doesn’t come to our Center very often. I gave her ten minutes of Jyorei in the sanctuary in Pasadena.3 I was just focusing on love and getting very quiet, and she said that it was very powerful. I get that kind of feedback a lot. That is one of the reasons why, in Shumei, we emphasize love and gratitude. Although I can’t force my heart to open, at least I can focus on love and gratitude. They appear to be different, but to me, as we go deeper and deeper into either one, they start to merge. Have you ever felt love and gratitude at the same time?

Many Participants: Yes

Roy: Love and gratitude compliment each other. They are two sides of a coin. For some people, it is easier to focus on gratitude and for others it is easier to focus on love. If you are the former, then when you are giving Jyorei, think of a person, place, or circumstance that you are grateful for. If you are the later, think of someone whom you love. It is not so much what you are thinking about that counts, but how much you can evoke these feelings. For instance, you may try feeling gratitude towards Meishusama for introducing Jyorei to the world.

Both love and gratitude are ways to open the heart, but to me, healing is more about love. Why do we even bother giving or sharing Jyorei with people? Ideally, it is for love. We do it because we love people and want to help them. We share Jyorei because of our love of humanity. Such altruism is based on love. And love is based on the recognition of oneself in others. In other words, you recognize something eternal within someone that is also within you. This is no less than spirit perceiving spirit.

Jyorei is a communication from spirit to spirit, or to put it differently, from heart to heart. Jyorei comes from spirit and goes to spirit. We are just the intermediaries for this process.

So, if you want to improve your Jyorei, you can focus on gratitude, quiet your mind, or focus on love. Doing so may increase the effectiveness or your Jyorei.

But as Janna said earlier, “Sometimes, while sharing Jyorei, we may be thinking about having to pay our rent, or needing to go shopping, or something else, and still the recipient goes, “Wow!” afterwards. They feel a lot from the Jyorei. So, despite everything I just said, ultimately, the power of Jyorei is not up to us. It is up to God, or Source or the Universe. That is what is really performing the healing. Nonetheless, we still have our parts to play. What we do can make a difference. In other words, we need to do our best while surrendering the results to God alone.

According to Meishusama, another factor that influences Jyorei is one’s spiritual level. The more purified you are, the more you will embody such qualities as love, peace, harmony, honesty, and humility. These qualities are a reflection of your spiritual level. The more you express these, the higher you are. You can judge a tree by the apples it bears. You can evaluate a person by their actions. So, a person that is saintly—not that one should be like a stereotypical saint—a person who has an abundance of these qualities is usually at a high level. And according to Meishusama, the higher one’s level, the stronger one’s Jyorei.

Why do you think that is? Why should that affect your Jyorei?

Bejai Gillis: I think, because if you are at a higher spiritual level you are able to uplift the person you are giving Jyorei to as well.

Roy: And why would it help the Jyorei be stronger?

Bejai: Because where you are giving it is to their soul. Because you are giving it to their soul, it helps to uplift and get through their own stuff.

Janna: I was just going to say a clearer channel.

Billie Washington: Maybe they would be more purified? But I always refer to it as the muck and mire we accumulate, and it receives so much purification. They don’t have all that muck and mire, so it is just a better channel.

Roy: So, you are both saying clear channel. You could say the person is like a clear conduit. Like if you have a garden hose and you turn on the water, but the hose is kinked. What happens? The water comes out, but not so much. If the hose is completely clear—no bends—and there is nothing blocking it, the water comes through easily. So we want to be like a clear garden hose, with no bends or kinks, which are character flaws, you could say. If there is nothing clogging it up like dirt or rocks, the hose is clear. There is nothing negative or selfish blocking it, so the light comes through and you are a clear vehicle. So that is another one of the important factors for sharing powerful Jyorei—your spiritual level.

Sonia Aguila: I am listening to all that is being said, and a couple things are going through my head. One of them is that some of us are ready to come into Jyorei, and so it happens that we are given Jyorei. Some of us are a little bit more aware of the connection, our spiritual connection. So, we just embrace it. And for others it might take a little bit longer. Each of us has his or her own level. Overall, I see the Universe interacting and directing everything. In my mind when I say Universe, of course it is God, and all that that implies. None of this is by coincidence is what I am saying. So, regardless of how cloudy our spirits, we are on a path, and as we tune in the clarity is greater, the Jyorei is greater. Also, because of that universal influence, some of us might channel a greater source, if you follow what I am saying.

Roy: So the more you refine your spirit through Jyorei, and any other spiritual practice you do, any work you do on yourself, you are also making yourself more available to help others. That is the point.

Kamila: I think that all that has been said is true. Also, even if someone is clouded, if there is a clear intention to help another person, the energy may open up, and all of the clouds will not matter.

Roy: If you can bring love and peace to your mind right now, you might bypass the clouds. And sometimes healing happens despite anything we do or don’t do. We can call that grace. We can’t depend on it, though. Grace is unpredictable. So, if you want to do your best for someone, then work on purifying yourself.

Another thing you mentioned, Janna, was that your environment, the space you are in, affects the Jyorei. Why should it matter where you are when giving Jyorei?

Linda Tan: If you are in a beautiful space, you are just naturally prone to be in a better mood.

Roy: So it raises your consciousness, right away.

I like to look at it this way. First, the place we are now in appears to be a physical room with physical walls. We know from physics that these walls are 99.9999% empty space with particles vibrating within it. When you look into the particles, all they are is vibrating information. Basically, everything is energy, and nothing is truly solid. But physical things store vibration. Even empty spaces stores vibrations.

So, if you go to a house where people are angry and arguing and fighting, or even worse, if they are violent, the energy will be very dark there. The bad vibration stays there. If you go someplace, such as the sanctuary up there where people are focusing on Light and on God, on helping others, because their intention is pure, the vibration will be very high and it stays there. We are fortunate here that this Center is located in the San Luis Valley, a sacred valley. This is a power spot. Just coming here makes one feel wonderful. There is a great energy here. Not to mention being in nature. Nature to me feels very pure. Anybody agree that nature feels pure?

Kamila: Yes! 100 percent!

Roy: Why do we think nature is pure? What is pure about it?

Bill Dobson: It is directly from the source.

Roy: Ok, and humans are not?

Bill: Humans are part of nature as well, but their works are not always natural.

Susan Codding: And nature is now, it is in the present. It is not in the future, it is not in the past.

Roy: And what causes past and future?

Susan: The mind. And as humans, we worry and we add all our stuff to it.

Roy: So, humans are always thinking. Some studies tell us that most of our thoughts, like 80% or more, are negative. We are always complaining, “Oh I am too hot. I’m tired. I’m hungry. When am I going to eat?” Whatever the thoughts may be, we are usually not quite satisfied. “When will Roy stop talking? Let’s get to the Jyorei!” Whatever it is, you know you are always thinking like this. Our minds are never quite satisfied. That negativity within us creates spiritual clouds.

What happens if you have a city of ten million people thinking this way? It creates an atmosphere, a dense atmosphere of negativity. And the more that you are thinking, whether positive or negative, the less you are in the here and now. If your mind is very pure, internally you tend to be quiet and in the present. So, nature, from my experience, doesn’t think too much. The natural world may think in a very rudimentary way, but it does not always jabber away as we do. I don’t think nature is complaining so much, either.

So, you are out in nature and it is very pure and peaceful. What else? What else is there about nature that is attractive?

Kamila: It is very simple.

Roy: Simple. Yes. And nature is beautiful too, right? Usually it is quite beautiful. Meishusama says that nature is God’s artwork. So, when you are in nature, you are in beauty. What does beauty do to us?

Bejai: It elevates us.

Roy: How?

Bejai: It makes us happy.

Roy: Yes, it makes us happy. It opens our hearts and makes us peaceful and relaxed. So, nature is very healing. That is why we go into it.

Let’s say you go to a room. The light is broken, so you bring a flashlight. You turn it on, but the room is full of smoke. What happens to the beam of light when you shine it in the smoky room?

Kamila: You see less of it.

Roy: Yes, less of the light gets to the walls or the objects you are aiming at. The light is diffused by all of the smoke. On the other hand, if you go into a room where the air is pristine and you turn on the flashlight, what happens?

Kamila: It’s brighter.

Roy: It is brighter because there is no obstruction. You can see the walls and objects in the room clearly. This is an analogy of spiritual clouds. The spiritual clouds within us, like smoke in the room, block the light. If you have in yourself negativity, violence, or anger is like that smoke.

What if a couple fought all the time and there is violence? They need Jyorei badly. However, is it better to go to their house and give them Jyorei, because they really need a clear light in their room, or is it better to invite them to a sanctuary to give them Jyorei?

Bejai: A Sanctuary

Kamila: Number two.

Susan: Either way.

Roy: The energy is much cleaner in the sanctuary, so probably the Jyorei will be stronger there. But either way is good. The answer depends on other factors.

I would say normally it is better to bring them to the sanctuary so that they can get more Light, but some people say bring the Light to the room and thus brighten up the whole house. It depends on them. Oftentimes, they won’t go to the sanctuary. Right? So, you do what you can. Ideally, you do both. Even better would be to get them to start doing Jyorei. That would bring even more Light into their lives. So, as you can see, there are different sides to such a situation.

To improve your Jyorei, you want to find a pure space in which to share it. Do what you can to purify your heart. Work at raising your consciousness. If many people within a large group share Jyorei along side you, it will be even stronger. And if you have a strong connection with the recipient, that will help, too. But most importantly, focus on love and gratitude.

One of the ways I open my heart is to think of people and places I love, and soon I feel warmth expanding in the middle of my chest. Doing this, I feel my consciousness expanding as well. How well I do this varies. Sometimes it is easy, and at other times not as much. But when I do this, I feel the energy and oftentimes others do, too. That is just my own experience. When I am focusing on love, it automatically makes my mind quiet. I don’t have to try quieting my mind.

Why am I bringing this all up? Because we have the Jyorei intensive coming up in a few minutes in which we will have an hour and one–half of sharing Jyorei. If you want to bring in as much Light as possible, then you might try quieting your mind and opening your heart. Do your best to benefit the people around you, and see what happens. But if you get tired after awhile, don’t worry about it. Just enjoy the Light. Light makes no effort to shine, so neither should we.


How Does Jyorei Work?

A few weeks ago a lady named Andrea, who often comes to the Pasadena Center, asked me how Jyorei works. That is a legitimate question, but I did not have time to offer her my opinion. The question is not about how we give Jyorei. As you know, we do that by raising our hand and directing energy to someone. The question is not about where the energy goes; it goes from our hand to the person receiving Jyorei. It is about ‘how’ Jyorei functions.

For the sake of comparison, let us look at how a car works. It is not enough to say that we turn the ignition key and then push the gas pedal with our foot to make the car move. That is only what the driver does. It is not how the car itself works. A simple explanation is that the driver turns the ignition key and pushes the gas pedal. This causes gasoline to mix with oxygen in the engine. Then electric sparks ignite the gasoline vapors and cause miniature explosions that cause the pistons to move up and down. This causes the drive train to spin, which cause the wheels to move. That is a straightforward explanation of how a car works, as distinct from where it goes or how one should drive it.

Let us now explore the question of how Jyorei works. What is the actual mechanism? As you know, Jyorei directs a particular kind of energy. Actually, everything is energy. We know that from physics. What appears to be solid matter is actually 99.999 percent space filled with lots of extremely small particles. This includes atoms, electrons, and quarks. The further one looks, the smaller these particles are. And all of them are vibrating rapidly. Everything vibrates at different speeds, each having different qualities. From a spiritual perspective, some things have a higher vibration or quality, whereas some have a lower vibration or quality.

Jyorei, I believe, is a ultra pure vibration. Why is it pure? It is pure because Jyorei comes straight from Source. By Source, I mean God, Spirit, Consciousness, or Pure Being. (I consider these words synonymous.) Because Jyorei comes directly from Source, it takes on the qualities of Source. It has divine qualities such as peace, love, joy, harmony, and intelligence. These qualities are inherent in Jyorei just as heat and light are inherent to fire. The closer one gets to fire, the greater the heat and light; the farther away one gets, the less.

“It is important to realize that the higher the spiritual level of the source, the finer and subtler the radiations will be.” – Natural Power, The Essential Teachings of Meishusama.

Jyorei comes directly from Source and remains close to Source. That is why Jyorei has divine qualities such as light, positivity, and harmony. On the other hand, the further something is from Source, the more it takes on qualities of darkness, negativity, and disharmony—or so it seems.

Actually, Source is like the sun. How can the sun differentiate between darkness and light when all it sees is light? How can the sun distinguish between closeness and distance when everything looks the same? So please realize that here I am speaking from the human point of view, which is based on relative positions such as distance and brightness, rather than from Source’s point of view, which is based on absolute unity. That’s why Meishusama says, “There is no good or evil in God himself. In God’s eyes, good is indistinguishable from evil.” (Judge Not. Kannon’s Way) Nonetheless, such distinctions are very real for you and I, and we need to pay attention to them.

Everything affects us. The people we spend time with, friends, family, and colleagues, all affect us. If we are around loving and kind people, we become more loving and kind ourselves. The food we eat also affects us. If we eat healthy food, we become healthier. The surrounding environment also shapes us. If we surround ourselves with beauty, our hearts become beautiful.

Jyorei’s energy, which I believe is an exceptionally pure energy, can purify us on an especially deep level. Because Jyorei’s energy comes from Source, it is a extremely high vibration. That is why it raises our consciousness. Jyorei’s energy is also very harmonious. When we receive Jyorei, this harmonious energy causes harmony and balance within our body, within our mind, and within our spirit. Jyorei radiates divine qualities just as fire radiates heat and light. The more Jyorei one receives—or even better, gives—the more one takes on divine qualities such as peace, love, joy, and intelligence. These are all divine qualities that come from Source by way of Jyorei.

A stronger energy can often synchronize with a weaker energy and cause it to vibrate on the same frequency. In physics, this is called ‘entrainment.’ I believe Jyorei works in a similar manner. That is why Jyorei’s divine qualities are transferable to others.

Jyorei radiates pure Light. A light does not cast shadows. Only objects cast shadows. Darkness is not the opposite of Light. Darkness does not actually exist as a phenomena, it is merely the absence of Light. When you flip on a light switch in a dark room, the darkness is not destroyed. It does not get pushed out of the room. So where does the darkness go? Nowhere. It goes nowhere because it was not there to begin with. We cannot observe darkness because darkness is the inability to see light. Nor can we create darkness. We can only block the light. That is what we do with our negative thoughts, emotions, and actions. We allow them to block the Light radiating from within us, and this causes us to suffer in darkness—the absence of light. This can translate into sickness, misfortune, and stress.

Jyorei reveals the Light within the darkness. It uncovers the Light hidden in our soul. The darkness is what Meishusama calls ‘spiritual clouds,’1 and the Light within us is what he calls our ‘divine spirit.’ Jyorei purifies by dispersing the spiritual clouds with Light. That is why we call Jyorei “purification of the spirit.” It purifies us by replacing darkness with Light. It allows the Light within us to shine forth.

“The clouding of the soul that we talk about is, in fact, a deficiency of power, of Light, making it through from the divine spirit.” – An Evil Person Is Spiritually Sick. Essential Teachings of Meishusama

When we eat healthy food, the nutrition in the food goes to wherever in the body it is needed. The intelligence within our body directs it to our heart, our lungs, our muscles, our nerves, or wherever else it is needed. But Jyorei is different from food in that Jyorei does not passively depend on the body to send it wherever it needs to go. Unlike food, Jyorei is conscious and intelligent. So, Jyorei knows where to send Light. When we receive Jyorei, the Light will go to wherever it is needed in the body or the mind. And that is why when we give Jyorei we do not need to know what is disturbing the person receiving Jyorei. The recipient does not need to tell us if he or she has a headache, an ulcer, or an emotional problem. When sharing Jyorei, we can just relax and allow the energy to travel through us. It is necessary to understand that we are just vessels for the Light. The Light does all the work, not us.

“Human beings do not have the power to perform miracles; only God can perform them.” – Religion is a Thing of Miracles. The Essential Teachings

Jyorei is a coherent energy, meaning it brings order out of chaos, both in the world and within ourselves. This is another reason Jyorei promotes healing.

The more harmonious and coherent we who giver Jyorei are, the stronger the experience of Jyorei will be. How do we become more harmonious and coherent? We become so by quieting our minds and opening our hearts. As mentioned earlier, the world is mostly space. However, our minds are not. Our minds are usually full of continuous chatter. We are always thinking about one thing or another. When we quiet our minds, we become like space, open to pure Spirit.

How do we quiet our minds? We quiet our minds by focusing on the present moment and by letting go of the need to control every aspect of our lives. It also helps to put trust in God.

Why does an empty mind allow more Jyorei to pass through it? It is because space has no barriers. Space is empty of all content. When our minds are empty, there is nothing to block the Light. This allows the energy of Jyorei to travel through the Jyorei giver to the recipient without obstructions. And that is why we need to become like space when we give Jyorei.

Why does an open heart allow more Light to pass through it? Because love is like waves that carry a ship over the water. Love helps carry the Light to the other person. When you love someone, it creates a connection between the two of you. Gratitude can do this as well.

“When you give Jyorei to someone, always keep your heart aligned with God’s love. If you do so, good results will surely follow. – Being Daijo, Kannon’s Way

Have you noticed that love and gratitude are related? It is easy to feel grateful for the people, things, or circumstances that you love. And it is easy to love those things for which you are grateful. Love and gratitude reinforce each other. So, when we are giving Jyorei, it is best to focus our minds on love and gratitude. For most people focusing on gratitude is the easiest. When we focus on what we are grateful for, the problems of the past and the challenges of the future no longer distract us. Focusing on love and gratitude is one of the easiest ways to quiet the mind. It is also one of the easiest ways to open our hearts.

Again, Jyorei comes from Source. The farther one is from Source, the more disharmony and conflict in ones lives—the more darkness. Together, we are all moving towards the Source, towards the Light. Jyorei can help. Yet, that does not mean we should reject the shadows. The world is made of Light. To reject the world is to reject Light. One cannot separate the two. Meishusama actually loved the world, despite all the darkness and suffering it contained. He constantly found great beauty in it.

To heal ourselves, and the world, we must open our hearts and love everything. Love joins; it does not separate. A heart full of love moves towards the Light, but also turns around and embraces the world. Love needs an object to express itself fully.

We need to love each other, and we need to love ourselves. That means loving the shadows within us as well as the light. The Light, which is awareness, reveals the darkness within us. By shining the Light upon our inner darkness, we discover the anger, negativity, and selfishness within us. If we look at our inner darkness without running away, we eventually discover the Light hidden below these negative thoughts and emotions. We discover our inner radiance.

We do not transform ourselves by rejecting the bad parts and only promoting the good. We transform ourselves by turning the spotlight of attention on everything and embracing all of it with love. That is how we develop self-love.

God’s Light shines on everything, both the good and bad. God does that through you and me. That is how we will create a World of Light, a Paradise on Earth. We will create it through love.

When we love, we see that Source within the object of our love. Love uncovers the light within darkness. Love is the formless embracing the world of form. Love transmutes everything to a harmonious condition. Love does not add to the power of Jyorei, but it allows the transmutation to occur.
Ultimately, there is no difference between love and Light.

Everyone, each one of us is lovable. We all are inherently good. The more we examine our souls, without trying to manipulate them, the more we love others without trying to alter them. Paradoxically, such love is what actually does change people.

Some say Jyorei is an expression of love. Jyorei promotes beauty, love, and intelligence. When sharing Jyorei, we never direct the Light back upon itself; we always direct it out to the people and things around us. The best way to merge with the Source is to embrace the world. The Buddhists call this the Bodhisattva ideal. It is a commitment to help the world. Within Shumei, we do that by sharing Jyorei. We do not offer Jyorei for money, status, or personal gain. We do it out of love. That keeps the Light pure, and it keeps us pure.

Because the Light of Jyorei comes from Source, it is conscious and intelligent. The Light knows where to go and what to do. We, the givers, do not need to control the energy. We simply offer Jyorei and trust that Source will direct Light to wherever it is most needed. This is why we relax our hands and arms when sharing Jyorei. No effort is needed on our part. All we need to do is relax, allow, and, most importantly, trust.

“The key is to recognize that everything is in God’s hands.” – On Removing Egotism and Worldly Attachments, Kannon’s Way


A Beacon of Hope and Light in This Ever-darkening World

Good morning everyone. My name is Barbara Hachipuka Banda. I am a 31-year-old young woman from Zambia. For those of you that don’t know where that is, it is a small country in the Southern part of Africa.


From a very young age, I always had a vision and a determination to become someone great, someone that would change the world. My idols were people like Nelson Mandela, Wangari Mathi, Mahatma Gandhi, and so many more.


I think that this positivity and determination was because of my parents. I grew up in a house where my parents, beyond the 4 children that they had, took into our home, educated, raised and cared for over 20 other cousins and relatives that had lost their parents or had parents that could not afford to put their children through school.


My father was also an influential man in society that focused his time and attention on bringing positive political change to Zambia. My mother was a supportive, strong woman who reinforced my father’s vision but also created her own ideas and path that concentrated on empowering rural women because she believed that in order to truly achieve development, women must be part of the solution.


So now you can understand when I say that I am an activist, a visionary determined to change the world. Like all things that young people do, my vision was not only restricted to Zambia but also to the rest of Africa. It naturally runs through my veins like cascading water in a waterfall.



Barbara visited Kishima Island in 2004.

In 2004 I found the opportunity to achieve my dream when I was selected by the UNDP and the Global Peace Initiative of Women to be part of the Millennium Development Goal Youth Movement in Africa.  In September 2004, I came to Japan for the first time to participate in the Asia-Pacific Youth Summit in Hiroshima, where I met Shumei and discovered Shumei Natural Agriculture.


As I returned to my country, I requested Shumei International to come to Zambia to empower the rural small-scale women farmers. To date the small pilot project that begun in 2005 with 1000 small scale women farmers in one part of Zambia is now an established and registered NGO called Natural Agriculture Development Program Zambia (NADPZ) with over 6000 small-scale rural women farmers in three parts of Zambia, which are Mbabala, Pemba and Kalomo.


So now you know how big my dreams are and how excited and determined I have always been. What I haven’t told you is the many up hill battles I have faced and the nights I have spent re-evaluating myself as a leader and a visionary. I have spent a lot of time wondering why I have not thrown in the towel and tossed my toys out of the cot and given up? After all, I am young.  I can stop all this and start working in a PR or marketing firm because I am a journalist by profession, where the money is good and there is certainly less stress.


The reason why I didn’t give up is not only because I am optimistic and determination runs through my veins, but also because I have a great and patient teacher in Sensei Alan Imai and because my partners in Shumei have been very supportive. Shumei’s philosophy and way of life and Mesishusama’s teachings have been a beacon of hope and light in this ever-darkening world.



Barbara explained Natural Agriculture to women farmers.

I am only 31 but I have experienced a lot of great losses in my life: my mother died in a car accident when I was 20 years old; my sister died from kidney failure when I was 24; and recently Alexander, my 2 year old baby boy, suddenly passed away. During all this grief, especially over the unexpected departure of my son, Mokichi Okada’s life story has been a constant reminder for me to not give up and to live a life of light and not let the darkness of the world consume me.


So why do I want to become a Shumei member? It is because I know in my heart and mind how the world should be – a UTOPIA full of kindness, love and interconnectedness where one man’s burden is a whole community’s burden to share and his achievement is a whole community’s achievement to rejoice in; a world that is full of hope, optimism and yearning for more of life, not a fading uncertainty about what the world will be 50 years from now.


Shumei philosophy is a guiding light in my very dark world. It is also a beckon of hope and love to the thousands of Natural Agriculture women farmers in Zambia that have managed to feed their families even one meal a day after a bad rain season, while others are struggling.