Thank you for your interest in Shumei. If you like what you have seen so far, there are ten ways to become further involved in our organization.

  1. Read some of our books, online archived articles, and information on our websites. (See list of publications and websites.)
  2. Visit a Shumei center or contact us by phone or e-mail. (See listing of local centers.)
  3. Attend a Monthly Sampai gathering at a local center and/or at some member’s home.
  4. Receive Jyorei at a Shumei center or from a nearby Jyorei practitioner. (See listing of local centers.)
  5. Visit a Natural Agriculture farm or garden. (See listing.)
  6. Attend a concert or art exhibition at the National Center in Pasadena. (Visit Shumei Arts Council website or follow Shumei Taiko at or
  7. Schedule an appointment to attend an Introductory Class that will explain to you Shumei’s basic philosophy and practices, including the understanding of Jyorei spiritual healing, Natural Agriculture, Meishusama, the Law of Spiritual Precedence, the process of purification, reincarnation and karma, the spiritual world, spiritual growth, and more.
  8. Eat Natural Agriculture food from Wholesome Essence products.
  9. Grow your own Natural Agriculture food. (Visit NA website.)
  10. Become a member of NaturaGrow to receive support with home gardening.