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An Offering of Light: Healing with Jyorei, Natural Agriculture and Art
By Roy Gibbon and Atsushi Fujimaki
anofferingoflightA comprehensive guide to improving your life, “An Offering of Light” explores the teachings of Japan’s great 20th century visionary, Mokichi Okada. Known to the world as ‘Meishusama,’ he is venerated by multitudes for his wisdom, compassion, and spiritual insights. His life was dedicated to healing, promoting spirituality, elevating the human condition, and improving the natural environment.
“An Offering of Light” is meant for those journeying towards personal growth and fulfillment. It explores effective ways to heal and transform oneself as well as the world at large. Included is information concerning art, Jyorei, divinity, Natural Agriculture, spiritual transcendence, the power of gratitude, and the approaching world transformation, as well as a short biography of Meishusama.


Sincerity and Truth: The Life Story of Meishusama
By Gerarld Rohlfing
Presenting the story of Mokichi Okada, an amazing man who rose from childhood poverty in Tokyo’s slums to earn worldwide acclaim as ‘Meishusama’ (Master of Light). Along the way, he faced a long series of illnesses, some pronounced ‘fatal,’ together with repeated family tragedies and disaster to his business enterprise. Still he never gave up. In 1926, having turned to prayer and meditation, he experienced a divine revelation that changed his life forever. The purpose of all Creation was made clear to him, as well as humanity’s earthly purpose and his own mission to help save the world from catastrophe. This revelation and all that ensued—his stunning vision atop Mount Nokogiri, the healings he performed, and his practical leadership in world enlightenment, social harmony, natural health, beauty, and art—make this surely one of the most remarkable life stories of our times.

Farming to Create Heaven on Earth
By Lisa M. Hamilton
“Farming to Create Heaven on Earth” is an exploration of Natural Agriculture, the food and farming movement born in Japan and now practiced throughout the world. Each chapter tells the story of a farm or group of consumers who are practicing this philosophy-based approach to growing and eating food. Together, the stories introduce a new approach to considering our relationship with food, one that its practitioners hope will do nothing less than achieve world peace, wellness and prosperity.

Spirit of the Land: Shumei Natural Agriculture, Philosophy and Practice
By Diana Jerkins PhD
This book is a comprehensive resource for learning basic Natural Agriculture principles and practices for our farms and gardens. Beyond the theory of Natural Agriculture, the book explains the practice’s technical aspects and how to apply Natural Agriculture to farming practices. Included are chapters on practical economic aspects. The book provides basic information about food production as well as specific details of how to apply agronomic and horticultural knowledge to the practices of NA. Three primary guidelines of seed saving, restoration and protection of the soil, and continuous cropping are explained in detail and the methods to implement them are provided. Also provided is a guide to how to become aware of nature and work with nature. Included is a series of stories told by Natural Agriculture farmers offered for the reader to learn from their mistakes and successes. Not only will Natural Agriculture feed the hungry, but it will also bring balance to the environment and peace and health to those participating in growing and consuming Natural Agriculture products.

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