“Gratitude breeds gratitude; discontent spawns discontent. This is the truth. For a grateful heart rises straight to God while a discontented heart finds only the evil spirits of hell. Because of this, people whose hearts are ever grateful are naturally fortunate and happy, but people who are discontented or who grumble are unfortunate and miserable.”

Most of us would be simply content to escape want, disease, and conflict. Yet, once life’s essential needs are met, and relative health and security are achieved, people continue to hunger for happiness. Happiness is more than the relief of suffering.

Genuine happiness is elusive. Most pursue it in such things as human relationships, entertainment, personal appearance, carnal pleasures, wealth, and status. While good can come from these pursuits, if allowed to become life’s core purpose, they leave the seeker with a feeling of emptiness and isolation. While searching for fulfillment in the superficial distracts us from our pain, this search does not make us happier. This is an ancient truth.

Happiness is a primal hope of all humankind. And Shumei’s purpose is to help people realize genuine happiness and fulfillment by giving and receiving Jyorei, practicing Natural Agriculture and appreciating Art and Beauty.

Mokichi Okada’s approach is both to alleviate human misery in this world and engender in people a sense of the spirituality that underlies all creation—a spirituality that is the source of all lasting happiness.

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