Today, people tend to question the purpose and value of rituals. Yet even the most skeptical would be disappointed when attending a birthday party where “Happy Birthday” was not sung and no one blew out candles or gave gifts. Rituals still are abundant throughout even the most secular and technologically advanced societies. They are found at weddings, funerals, awards ceremonies, commencement exercises and at all social events that acknowledge or commemorate a significant change or transformation.
Rituals reinforce certain modes of behavior and thoughts. They are a potent means to focus the mind, encourage character development, and induce spiritual experiences.
Shumei encourages a global change in which the world will become a better and more satisfying place for all humanity. This great change requires that all of us change and evolve in body, mind, and spirit. Shumei’s practices and observances are used to support this deeply personal and widely global transformation.