Why does Shumei encourage art and beauty?
Beauty is a spiritual quality, just like love, humility, and wisdom. Beauty nourishes and refines the soul. It also promotes social harmony and a greater respect for life. In addition, beauty supports human happiness by bringing pleasure to the senses.

What is beauty?
Beauty is subjective. What one person considers beautiful another may not. Personal taste is not disputable.
Yet, there are objective criteria by which beauty can be evaluated. When something embodies balance, harmony, proportion, and unity, the more likely it will be considered beautiful by most people. Beauty is uplifting.

Does beauty only refer to the arts?
Beauty is found not only in the arts but also in nature. Meishusama called nature “God’s artwork.” Beyond this, there is inner beauty, which is a reflection of the soul. This is something that can be cultivated within all of us.

How does one incorporate art and beauty into daily life?
Exposing oneself to beautiful things is the easiest way to incorporate art and beauty into our daily life. Creating beauty at home and the workplace is a good way to start. Learning about the arts helps one appreciate beauty more fully. Learning to make music and art is a more active approach. And finally, spending time in nature is especially beneficial.